There is no way anyone can acknowledge every contributor for such an undertaking as collecting data for one's family history. However, in every venture, there are some people who have had a major impact either in providing information or in the form of encouragement whilst in the process of gathering said information. In naming just one person, or one hundred people or even one thousand people, inevitably someone's name will be left off & therefore, it is with trepidation that I even venture to name the few that I will. The names are listed in alphabetical order of first name, so as not to offend anyone [except my husband's name, that is]:

Norm [my ever patient & encouraging husband]

Glenis Hope [especially for her amazing help with the Reunion in 1986]

Ian Fyfe [3rd cousin from NZ who filled out the NZ-Armstrong family]

Ian MacKinnon [for all those amazing letters]

Jessie Roper [for putting me intouch with Noel Hope]

Keith Hope [for being there right from Day 1]

Lewis Barker [for such wordy but insightful correspondence - from an 81 yo to me at the tender age of 24]

Margaret Minogue [for sharing so much about herself & her own family - the Minogues were both neighbours AND family to the early Hope's]

Marilyn Fordred [for sharing much of her own research & her encouragement, especially in those early years]

Mary McLean [who gave me the "Edgar Collection"]

Noel Hope [for his encouragement, enthusiasm, sheer energy & again, for sharing much of his own family's history]

Peter Smith [3rd cousin & descendant of the Smith's of Hynam]

Ron AB Hope [for "being there" and encouraging me]

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