The AIDS/HIV treatment programme should aim at tackling two basic tasks: to take HIV-infection under control, as well as to restore immunity and to improve patient’s overall condition. While there are considerable advances in the virus control direction, within the second direction—restoration of immunity—stem cell therapy has no alternatives in efficacy terms to date.

At EmCell clinic, we have developed a method for immunodeficiency syndrome treatment with fetal stem cells. The method is patent-protected in many countries, including the USA. The clinic has 16 years of experience in treatment for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and had achieved positive results.

Transplantation of fetal stem cells allows for restoring and supporting immunocompetence, considerably improving clinical picture of the disease, substantially slowing down its progression, diminishing the likelihood of specific complications of AIDS. The treatment has maximum effect in case antiretroviral therapy and transplantation of fetal stem cells are combined.

Treatment effects last from one to two years. Positive dynamics is observed in immunologic parameters and, which is especially important, in clinical presentations of the disease. Repeated courses of treatment allow to considerably prolong patient’s life.

Treatments at EmCell Clinic lasts approx. 3-4 days.

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