9/15: Funding Your Startup

Chris Dixon, a Columbia University and Harvard Business School Alum   
Wednesday, September 15th
Thanks to Chris for an excellent seminar! It was a great event and I know that everyone who went really appreciated it. Special thanks for staying late to meet with some CU students for our office hours - it was a great success. For more - head to www.cdixon.org


Chris Dixon will discuss what it's like to work at a start-up, what it's like to start a company, the NYC tech scene, as well as some specifics concerning the startups he's cofounded and invested in. Chris has an extensive entrepreneurial background including working at a large venture capital firm (www.bvp.com) and the co-founding and operation as CEO of the company SiteAdvisor (www.siteadvisor) through its acquisition by McAfee. He is currently the CEO and cofounder of Hunch (www.hunch.com), and also the co-founder of the early-stage startup investment firm Founder Collective (www.foundercollective.com). His investments include about 30 companies including Skype and Foursquare.  He blogs at www.cdixon.org