9/28: Entrepreneurship as a Career

Video of Ann Miura-Ko's seminar is available!

Ann Miura-Ko from CLUE on Vimeo.
Mike Maples Jr.
Ann Miura-Ko, co-founding partner at FLOODGATE

Thanks to Ann for the great seminar!  

Tuesday, September 28th

Engineering students today are being pulled in multiple directions as a war for their talent ensues. Management consulting, financial engineering, academia, large corporations and entrepreneurship are all clamoring for the best and brightest students with great quantitative backgrounds. As someone who has touched on many of these different career paths, I will be talking about the fundamental reasons to consider entrepreneurship as a career and why this is important today. 

Ann Miura-Ko is a co-founding partner at FLOODGATE where her investment interests include the innovations in e-commerce, security, and big data. 

In addition to serving at FLOODGATE, Ann is a lecturer in the School of Engineering at Stanford University, where she got her PhD focused on mathematical modeling of computer security. She teaches High Tech Entrepreneurship with Steve Blank and is a frequent lecturer in courses such as Technology Venture Formation, High-tech Entrepreneurship, and the Mayfield Fellows Program. Many of her students have gone on to secure Angel and VC funding for their ideas. 

Prior to joining FLOODGATE and her stint at Stanford, Ann worked at Charles River Ventures and McKinsey and Company. 

Ann grew up in Palo Alto, California and, as a result, was exposed at an early age to the world of startups, technology and venture capital. She developed an early passion for robotics and went on to major in electrical engineering at Yale University where she received her BS degree. For her senior project, she was part of a five person team that designed four robots to autonomously play soccer. That team placed fourth at the second annual Robocup competition held in Paris, France in 1998.