10/5: Becoming an Entrepreneur

The Joys of Starting a Financial Technology Business in New York.

Eric Novik's seminar video is now available!

Eric Novik from CLUE on Vimeo.

Eric Novik, founder of Risktail and
Columbia University Graduate Student

Thanks to Eric for a great seminar!

Tuesday, October 5th

Eric will discuss the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur in general and his experience with Risktail in particular.  He will cover the details and mechanics of starting a business, building a team, building a product, getting customer feedback, importance of mentoring, and the pros and cons of outside funding.  Eric will discuss the state of financial technology and some of the trends that he is seeing there.  Finally, he will provide a list of resources that he finds helpful as he continues building the product and the company.

Eric Novik is an options trader, statistician (in training), and software entrepreneur. He is currently in the process of launching Risktail, a cloud based options analytics platform for retail and institutional traders and risk managers. Before co-founding Risktail, Eric was a CTO at a Silicon Valley technology company developing interactive electronic filing platforms for state courts and self represented litigants. Eric is currently working on an MA in Statistics from Columbia University. He received his MS in Informations Systems from New Jersey Institute of Technology and a BS in Computer Science, Economics Minor from SUNY Binghamton. Eric is a member of the American Statistical Association, New York Academy of Sciences, and the founder of New York Options Traders. He lives in Astoria Queens and spends his free time with his two kids.