9/22: Entrepreneurship and Tech Transfer

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Dan Abraham from CLUE on Vimeo.

Dr. Dan Abraham

Thanks Dr. Abraham for a great seminar!

Wednesday, September 22nd

Academic Institutions are superb in generating promising early stage inventions. However promising, they are often overvalued and undercapitalized on their way to commercial application. Columbia Technology Ventures is a leading organization in commercializing technology across the board and we would like to share some insight with you. Here we will review some of the basics of  technology commercialization and explore how these map onto a coherent strategy for success - technology assessment and roadmaps, market potential and commercial plan. Ideally, our technology license forms the basis for a both-win partnership, an important component in our open innovation ecosystem.

Dan joined Columbia Technology Ventures in July of 2007, and is leading Columbia's technology transfer activities across the Morningside and Lamont campuses. Dan comes to Columbia from the General Electric Co. As Vice President and Chief Technologist for GE's Technology Licensing Group, Dan was in charge of identifying and developing promising technologies and licensing strategies across GE's Global Research Organization. Prior to GE, Dan served as Vice President and Chief Technologist for Veeco Instruments, a major nanotechnology provider where he managed R&D, targeting information technology markets. Dan has conducted nanoscience R&D at AT&T Bell Labs, IBM Zurich, the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, and co-founded a nanotechnology start-up. 
Dr. Abraham earned his PhD in Physics from the university of California