10/13: Entrepreneurial Venture

From Undergraduate to SiGNa Chemistry

Michael Lefenfeld, founder of SiGNa Chemistry

Thanks Michael for a great Seminar!  

Wednesday, October 13th

Michael Lefenfeld, a se

rial inventor, founded SiGNa Chemistry in late 2004 based on a green process that stabilizes reactive metals. This technology enables companies to safely harness the legendary powers of reactive metals. As President and CEO of SiGNa, Mr. Lefenfeld is applying his science and materials expertise to drive the adoption of these advanced materials into the mainstream of chemical reactivity and hydrogen fuel markets. SiGNa has been awarded the 2008 Presidential Green Chemistry Award along with the World Economic Forum's Technology Pioneer Award.  Prior to SiGNa, Mr. Lefenfeld independently commercialized several biomedical and chemical technologies.

Additionally, he has been employed as a Member of the Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories and a researcher at DuPont. In addition to over 20 scientific publications, he holds numerous patents and patent applications in areas ranging from controlled release to organic electronics to chemical reactivity. In 2005, Mr. Lefenfeld was featured on the cover of Red Herring as Top Researcher, and was named one of BusinessWeek's Top Entrepreneurs Under 25, Red Herring's Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 35, and Inc. Magazine's Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30. Mr. Lefenfeld earned his B.S. in Chemical Engineering and Physics at Washington University in St. Louis and a S.M. and M.Phil. in Chemistry at Columbia University.