11/17: From Columbia to Silicon Valley and Back

Nick&Dave from Columbia Laboratory for Unconven on Vimeo.

Thanks to David Albert and Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock: We now have video!

Wednesday, November 17th
Presentation and food both begin at 5:30pm in 

@ Interschool Lab (7th floor of the Schapiro/CEPSR building)

Dave (SEAS '09) and Nick (SEAS '08) just returned to New York after 5 months of living in Mountain View, CA. In that time, they took part in [Y Combinator](ycombinator.com), launched HireHive.com, were written up in Techcrunch, met a bunch of really cool people, and started another site which they're now building in New York. While they don't have all the secrets to success (yet), they've learned a few things, and have some good stories to tell.

Dave and Nick met in the fall of 2006 while taking Signals and Systems and decided to start a company together shortly thereafter. They spent the rest of college biding their time and having weekly "business meetings," much to the bemusement of their friends. Nick has been fantasizing about starting a company ever since he began having all his mail addressed to "CEO, Cool Man Inc." at the age of 12 and until recently had planned to be in a position to take over for Steve Jobs when he retires from Apple. Dave saw Startup.com with his mother at the height of the dot-com bubble and spent the summers between college working for various New York based startups. Starting a company seemed to be the logical next step.