STEM and Startup Lecture Series

STEM and Startup Lecture Series
For Entrepreneurs, Scientists, and Innovators
Fall 2010 @ Columbia University

We look forward to seeing you next semester!

Through funding from the Bio IGERT at Columbia University, and with the organizational support of ACM, ADI, and SIAM, we would like to introduce a new seminar series by scientists, for scientists.  Over the course of the fall '10 semester we will be bringing some of the most renown entrepreneurs from around the country to Columbia University to share some of the stories and insights that they've learned over the course of their careers.  

One of the very exciting aspects of this series is that, contingent on availability (these individuals are busy!), we are offering "office hours" with the speaker on whatever topic you would like to discuss.

Our seminar speakers are here solely because they care about entrepreneurship - and they're offering this extra time because they want you to care too.  If you're interested in meeting with one of the speakers, please sign up on the seminar page!

Email for more information.
Calendar of Events
Tuesday, September 14th: InSITE
Wednesday, September 15th: Chris Dixon
Wednesday, September 22th: Dan Abraham (Video)
Tuesday, September 28th: Ann Miura-ko (Video)
Tuesday, October 5th: Eric Novik (Video)
Wednesday, October 13th: Mike Leffenfeld
Wednesday, November 3rd: Tony Jebara
Friday, Novenber 12th: Steve Blank
Wednesday, November 17th: David Albert and Nicholas         
Tuesday, May 3rd: 

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