A road bike tour

Welcome to our Radltour!

August 31st 2018 through

September 2nd 2018


Heide, young and strong talented bicyclist

Iris, age 73, retired and tired bicyclist

Road bike Tour to Stelvio (Italy)

the highest Alpine pass at the East Alps of Europe (height: 2.760 meters above sea level)

47 needle bends to the top.

Franzenshoehe is on bend 22, where the tour has ended...

We participated the Stelvio cycling day 2018.

Road is closed for motor traffic from 8:00 to 16:00 hours

As there is no time to stall.

we traveled by train to Landeck (Tirol / Austria).

By Bus to Nauders / Austria

With the bicycle down to Prad / Italy.

Prad is the starting point for the participants.

But, old and weak as I am we have been gaining height and distance (about 10 Kilometers) and went up to Trafoi, whereas our accommodation was located.

We accommodated at the Albergo Tuckett, Family Raffeiner.

A rather old traditional hotel, but modernized and a wonderful owner lady who is known for her cooking in the whole area of Trafoi.

Riding up from Trafoi in very wet and cold condition up to Franzenshoehe (about 2000 meters).

Then the road has been closed due to bad weather. See pictures with snow.

Heide walked up the remaining 6 kilometers and as taken the pictures,

Enjoy the pictures and my short report.

Good luck to our followers.

Stelvio cycling day 2018:

September 1st 2018

The web page of the Stelvio organization you may find here:


Photogallery from the organization:


August 31st 2018:

Travel to our accommodation at Trafoi

heaven is crying tears

our accommodation - tel.: +390473611722

Our cook has been awesome:

Polenta funghi - she likes it

"hot love"

September 1st 2018:

this is the cycling day now

wet, wet, wet... and freezing cold

Ortler glacier in fog

the tired bicyclist

we did just sweet 25 of this needle bends

end of climb up

At the Franzenshoehe hut: fire makes my body cold, I am gonna give you mine to hold

Heides walk to the top:

life at the top

seen on the way down...

02 August 2018:

Heides ride to the Reschenpass: still a wet and cold ride

Thats how it looks, when sun is shining:

pictures taken by the organization:

young and strong

old and tired