a collection of songs and poems for teachers to use in the classroom -- Enjoy!

        I like to write songs that use content area vocabulary and familiar tunes to make learning new ideas and words fun. I wrote these for fourth graders.

          If you have a need for a song,     e-mail me and give me a list of vocabulary words and I'll give it a try.
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 I also have written some poems and songs to go with the language arts and math curriculum and these are listed here:

Math:   Math Poems and chants

The Writing Traits: Songs about Ideas, Voice, Organization and Conventions

  Here's a list of subject areas I have for songs so far, use the link to go to the songs.

Nevada's government: Government Songs
Ecosystems of Nevada: Ecosystems Songs
Very first: Nevada's Native Americans: Native American Songs
Adventures west: Pioneers Pioneer Days
Discoveries in Science: electricity  Songs about Electricity
All about landforms: rocks and forces of nature Geology Songs

   and Regions of the United States  Regions Songs