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Molten Lava is my favorite. The kids seem to love singing it, too.

Molten Lava vocabulary:

  • surface
  • crust
  • heat and pressure
  • thrust
  • molten
  • lava
  • magma
  • mountain range
  • erosion
  • forces of erosion ( ice, sun, wind, snow)
  • deteriorate
  • feature

Molten Lava     by Mrs. Stelle
sing to Oh, Suzanna

Oh, I come from below the surface
of the planet's crust,
forced up by heat and pressure
I erupt with awesome thrust.

          Molten lava,
now don't you step on me
          'cause I come from red hot magma 
forming mountains that you see.

Shooting lava creates mountains
and the landscapes slowly change,
lots of mountains close together
form a mountain range.


But my story doesn't end there
with the planet's birth,
erosion's always happening on
the surface of the earth.


Sun and rain begin erosion
then come ice, sun, wind and snow,
slowly they deteriorate
every feature that we know.