Ecosystems Songs and Poems
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Vocabulary used in Home is an Ecosystem:

  • niche
  • soil
  • temperature
  • interact
  • living/nonliving
  • habitats
  • landscape
  • desert




















Nevada  Ecosystem concepts:

  • rain shadow effect
  • desert plants and animals

Home is an Ecosystem   by Mrs. Stelle
Sing to the tune of Yankee Doodle

Ecosystems are a lot
of parts that work together
some are living, some are not
and then there is the weather.
     Ecosystems can be swamps
     or they can be deserts
estuaries, mountains, ponds--
they all have different treasures.

Each part has a different niche
a job in which they thrive,
fungus rots the soil and leaves
so plants and creatures survive.
Sunlight, soil, water air
and the temperature
interact with living things
as well as with each other.
Animal and plant life plus
the habitats to live where
all the creatures that you find
have all it takes to live there.

Nevada has a dry landscape
We call our home the desert,
Yet it's home to big horned sheep
And lots of tiny lizards.



The Nevada Ecosystem    by Mrs. Stelle
to Jingle Bells

Dashing through the wind
a wild horse finds his way
O'r the rocky hills
On a sunny day. Ha, ha.

The hot dry air comes here
devoid of rain or snow
it dropped it all in California
a week or so ago.

   Oh, Ne-va-da
    We love you
     and your dusty hills.
    Tumble weed and sage brush grow
    and make my teacher ill, HEY!
    We love you
    and your barren land.
   Minerals and tiny lakes
    are here amidst the sand.

Rabbit brush and pines,
big horned sheep and deer,
are among the living things
that you will find here.

Snakes there are a few
and cactus even less,
How coyotes catch their rabbits though
is anybody's guess.