Location Setting

Use the location window to change the current location or to save a new default location which Stellarium will use when it starts. The location window will be displayed when you click on the side bar or press the [F6] key.

Ways to set your location

There are several ways to set your location.

Selecting from the list

Stellarium has a database of more than 20,000 location worldwide plus some locations on the moon and other planets. It is very likely that your location or one near you is in the list. Enter your location name in the field next to the search lens. You need only type letters that will narrow your search. For example, if you type "mer", you will get all locations that has the string "mer" in them. 

Select the correct location from the list, and the current location information will change to reflect the new selection along with the map pointer.

You can also list all locations belonging to one country by typing the country name in the search field. Type "Egypt", to get a list of all locations available in the database for Egypt. Scroll the list to find the desired location.

Map pointer

The location window has a world map. If approximate location is sufficient, you can click on the map. The map pointer will move to the selected location. The Name/City field will change to "New Location". You can give the selected location a name, select a country from the country list and add this location permanently to the database by clicking on the "add to list" button.

Coordinate entry

You can enter the location information manually. Enter the latitude, longitude, altitude, location name and country. You can add this location to Stellarium list, and if it is changed, you can select it again by entering its name on the search field.

Stellarium Location Helper makes it easy to have the required information. Just click your location on the map and the information will be displayed.
(Note: Stellarium Location Helper site is not accessible currently)

Entering latitudes and longitude values

You can enter the values in the format N 24d 45m 6s or in decimal degrees like N 24.75.

If you want to enter the coordinates by replacing the values in the field be sure to replace only the digits, keeping the signs of degrees, minutes and seconds.

You can also use the up arrow, down arrow to increase or decrease the values of the degrees, minutes or seconds.

A sample usage of Stellarium Location Helper based on Google maps.

Once you entered the coordinates, the Name/City field will change to "New Location". You can enter your location  name, select a country from the country list and add this location permanently to the database by clicking on the "add to list" button.

Setting the default location

Check the "use as default" box. 

Setting Your Time Zone

Stellarium, by default, picks up the date, time, and time zone information from the system to calculate and draw the sky as it appears in your location. 

Check your system settings for date and time. In windows for example you can set the time zone in the control panel "Date and Time" settings. 

If your time zone is not set to match your location, you need to set it, for Stellarium to display your sky correctly.

Time zone can be changed from within Stellarium, independent from the system clock. Use the Time zone plugin to perform the setting.