Date and Time Setting

Date/Time Window  [F5]

If you want to see events in the past or future like eclipses or conjuctions, or If you want to plan photographing a satellite pass, you can use the Date/Time window to change the date and time to that of the event.

You can select the Date/Time window from the side bar or by pressing the F5 key.

You can change the values of the date and time directly by editing the fields, or by increasing/decreasing the values using the up and down arrows associated with each field, or by the mouse wheel. 

You can also change any value by steps of 10, double click on it and use PageUp or PageDown to increment or decrement. For example, double click on the month value, it will be highlighted, use PageUp or PageDown to increment or to decrement the month value by 10.

Date/Time Window

Date and Time Shortcuts

 Ctrl+- Subtract 1 solar hour
 Ctrl+= Add 1 solar hour
 - Subtract 1 solar day
 = Add 1 solar day 
 [ Subtract 1 solar week
 ] Add 1 solar week
 Alt+-     Subtract 1 sidereal day
Alt+= Add 1 sidereal day
 Alt+[ Subtract 1 sidereal week
 Alt+] Add 1 sidereal week
 Alt+Shift+[ Subtract 1 sidereal month
 Alt+Shift+] Add 1 sidereal month
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+[   Subtract 1 sidereal year
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+]   Add 1 sidereal year