Couple Counselling

If you are experiencing difficulties are in your relationships I can offer you couple or family counselling. You may feel that you and your partner/family member are unable to regain the relationship you once had and are finding it hard to stay together. I can help you explore communication styles to resolve the issues that spoil your relationship. Whatever your circumstances, I will provide a confidential, caring and productive counselling relationship in which you will feel emotionally supported while you explore whatever issues you want to bring to our sessions. 

I have a wide range of experience; I have been trained in relationship work by Relate and have worked for them for 12 years. I work with all types of relationships including family relationships and same sex relationships. My approach to counselling is eclectic; this means that a variety of approaches to the work are used as and when appropriate and in collaboration with you, the clients. My practice is underpinned in the Person Centred approach, therefore at the centre of the counselling relationship is my regard for and acceptance of the couple. I work hard to create a solid working alliance which will allow clients to present their relationship without fear of judgment or the need to hold back, or an expectation to share anything that they would rather not.
I work from home in a comfortable dedicated counselling ground floor room in Blackpool. I offer flexible appointments to suit your needs and offer an initial 30 minute consultation free of charge to enable you to find out whether I am the right counsellor for you, and if you decide to go ahead, we will have regular reviews so that you can ensure you are getting what you need out of the counselling process. Counselling sessions last for one hour and are usually once a week but this can be flexible to suit your needs. I treat all information disclosed to me respectfully and as confidential. There are times when I would be ethically bound to break confidentiality; these are when a client disclosed to me an intention to harm themselves or others, knowledge of a young person or vulnerable adult who is in danger of abuse or an intention to commit a crime. When I discuss my work with my supervisor client confidentiality is protected by anonymity.