Greenland equipment

Other stuff you will need for kayaking

Greenland Paddle

We built three paddles to Chuck Holsts plans off the Qajaqusa site.  Greenland paddle pdf


Here's the shoulder of the loom and blade drawn onto the blank.  This is Ben's paddle and the ends are tipped with Kwila.  Hardwood tips make the paddles more robust for Wellington's rocky coast and look cool too.


After returning from Coastbusters 2006 (kayak symposium) where we were tutored by several experienced International Greenland paddlers, I modified the tips and edges of my paddle for a faster entry into the water.  The improvement has been significant.   (pic soon)



This is my 3mm neoprene Tuiliq (jacket) designed for Greenland rolling.   It has a snugly fitting hood and a bungy in the bottom to seal against the Kayak coaming and act as a spray deck.  You custom make these to fit both your body and kayak coaming. 

Coast busters also taught me that standng around all day in wet gear can be freezing even if it is an otherwise warm day.    But not if you've got one of these toasty babies!  Designed to keep you warm and relatively dry while rolling they are also great for keeping you warm out of the water.   However they can get too warm.  The answer becomes obvious.

My patterns came from Shawn Baker via Pete Notman and have been modified to fit slightly larger kayak coamings than Shawn's original.  The hood is from Dick Van Zanten's pattern 3 piece tuiliq hood pattern on the Netherland's Qajaq site.  Thanks Dick.  The hood pattern is a great design and closer fitting that the original 2 piece hood. 


The panels are sewn together inside out .  Coat the seams with contact adhesive, let them touch dry then press the edges together tightly.  The hood takes as long to make as the rest of the Tuiliq.  The complete Tuiliq took me about 30hours to make.  Eli at Rasdex supplied the neoprene.


QAJAQ Aotearoa T-shirt

Coastbuster is a two yearly gathering of kayak enthusiasts held in Auckland.  For Coastbuster 2006 I designed a QAJAQ T-shirt and we had a few printed up for the Wellington crowd.  In the end we sold a few to other kayakers at Coastbusters too.

Jared models QAJAQ T

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