OverDrive App

Steinmetz Library's OverDrive


(you'll need public library card #)  

GOOF-PROOF Checklist:
  1. Add OverDrive app to device
  2. OverDrive SCSD login/account
  3. Adobe ID login/account
  4. OverDrive 'One' login/account
  5. Public Library Card (optional)
  6. Grit (required)
You can do it!  

Clear as mud?  Need some help & encouragement? Email me anytime: yauchlera@schenectady.k12.ny.us

All Schenectady CSD students & faculty have OverDrive e-book & audio-book accounts.  Yes, all 10,000 of you! 

Students: your login is your lunch # with an 'S" in front of it like this: S1234

Faculty: your login is your employee ID (from your paycheck) with an 'F" in front of it like this: F1234

**If your lunch # or employee ID is less than four numbers; you must add a leading zero like this: S0123 or F0123 
Click below to create an Adobe ID.  
*In order to download any e-books or audio-books from OverDrive, students need to create an Adobe ID with a valid email address. 


OverDrive One allows you to sync e-books and audio-books on up to six devices: iPad/iPod/iPhone, Nook, Kindle, Android, etc.

Kristen Majkut,
Oct 28, 2013, 6:56 AM