The Stein Family Farm

This yellow, two-story Victorian home is the last remaining example in National City of a farm house with a barn. Charles Stein purchased the property shortly after he immigrated to the United States in 1888. The Community Development Commission purchased the farm in June 1992 and thankfully saved it from imminent destruction. It has been developed into a community and educational asset and welcomes school children and the public for a step back in time.

Welcome students and teachers in grades K -5!

You choose the lesson, you bring the students, you bring a brown bag lunch and a few supplemental materials.

We provide the venue for: Earthworms, 5 senses, Farm Metrics - a math lesson, Simple machines and many more ...  All lessons can be adapted to work in summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Requirements: Teachers are responsible for their students and bring the supplies requested in the lesson plan.

  • Call the Farm to set-up an appointment,
  • Choose a lesson and send us the registration form
  • Pay the fee upon arrival at the farm - check or cash
  • Familiarizes yourself with the layout of the farm
  • Sign the liability release form
  • Have fun!
Maria Stein,
Dec 14, 2009, 9:54 PM