Employment and Job History / References

Career summary:

After the studies of Mechanical Engineering at the ETH in Zurich Switzerland, Lorenz joined Sulzer Escher Wyss for six months working in the turbocompressor thermodynamical design department.

The year 1989 was spent on a round the world trip visiting Central America to learn Spanish, South and North America as well as New Zealand and Australia to round the year off.

In January 1990 Lorenz joined Sulzer Escher Wyss as a commissioning engineer for turbo machines worldwide. For the first half of a year he was trained in the test bed.

Some of the major assignments while based in Zurich Switzerland:

· 1990 Recommissioning of air compressors in Algeria after a major overhaul carried out by Sulzer France personnel. Pneumatic control system.

· 1991 Recommissioning after overhauls of compressors in Sweden, France, Finland, Bulgaria, UK. Surge trials with blast furnace blowers in France and the UK. Control systems included hydraulic R55 controllers (Askania) and Sulzer Electronic.

· 1992 Offshore survival and fire fighting course completed in Teesside UK. Problem solving exercise on a nitric acid train in Poland. Commissioning of a compressor train that was moved from Denmark to Colombia.

· 1993 The GANNET skids were installed on the platform assembled in the yard in Teesside. The Simatic S5 program was modified. An on-shore test run was successfully carried out. Several journeys to another north sea platform.

· 1994 Commissioning of a steam turbine driven axial machine in Mexico, equipped with a Simatic S5 (program had to be modified and extended) and double redundant CCC three dimensional anti-surge controller.

· 1995 Commissioning and handover of an RIK air compressor in Finland in 10 days. Surge trials with blast furnace blowers in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Commissioning of Protronic PS anti-surge controllers.

After six years based in Zurich, Lorenz relocated to the Sulzer Engineering Division in South Africa. Lorenz worked as a commissioning engineer on various installations of machinery all over the African continent.

His work included entire projects from tender to handover for control system upgrades, the commissioning of new installations as well as regular maintenance, trouble shooting and the handling of breakdowns.

Customers included gold and platinum mines, the chemical industry, steel works, air separation, fertilizer plants and refineries.

Major assignments while based in Johannesburg South Africa:

· 1996 Performance testing and efficiency calculations for three air compressors in parallel operation. Commissioning of a Sulzer piston compressor on oxygen. Commissioning of a single stage steam compressor with mods to the PLC program.

· 1997 Commissioning and handover of three main air compressors in new air separation plants. Control system upgrade of a blast furnace blower.

· 1998 Performance testing and vibration analysis of air compressors on gold and platinum mines. Quotes for control system upgrades. Modified programs to suit Protronic 500 standalone controllers. Quoted, sold, installed and commissioned about two dozen of them in southern Africa over the years.

· 1999 Major upgrade of two axial flow blast furnace blowers in Zimbabwe.

· 2000 Start of blower project VANDERBIJLPARK 99. Involved in tender stage. Job in the UK to redo the wiring of a control system of a wind tunnel machine.

· 2001 Design of blower project, Instrument lists, P&I Drawings, Control philosophies documents, meetings, TUF, Lloyds certifications, etc. Designed and built a control panel with Rockwell PLCs for three single stage blowers in a platinum smelter. The Sulzer anti-surge control algorithms were programmed into the RS Logix 500.

· 2002 Completed design and commissioning of air compressor for platinum mine. Machine casing came from the UK, everything else was done in South Africa. Surge trials on oxygen turbocompressor.

· 2003 Installation of VANDERBIJLPARK 99, which consists of 4 x RIK100 and 2 x RT45 with all auxiliaries in a new building.

· 2004 Design, programming, installation and commissioning of two stand alone Protronic 500 anti-surge controllers and blow-off valves on nitric acid trains in Zimbabwe. Assistance to commissioning engineer on two THM gas turbine driven compressors in Mozambique. Control system upgrade with new Siemens S7 PLC for two GHH air compressors on a gold mine in Johannesburg. Lorenz did the graphics for the visualization and gave the necessary functional input for the PLC programming.

· 2005 Locally built two turbolog control panels for speed control, overspeed protection as well as anti-surge control for a pair of steam turbine driven blast furnace blowers. For the first machine, an engineer from Germany came over, the second one was completed by Lorenz on his own. Instrument and control upgrade for four turbocompressors on platinum mines (Three Sulzer and a GHH) successfully carried out from quoting to handover including PLC, P500 ASC and Bently Nevada monitor.

· 2006 Apart from the local work in Africa, a commissioning job in Kuwait and one in Egypt were carried out. The gas compressors in Egypt are driven by Solar gas turbines with a Rockwell PLC. The air compressors in Kuwait had CCC standalone ASC.

· 2007 The fifth compressor was installed and commissioned at the Vanderbijlpark plant. All five machines were upgraded thermodynamically and an on site performance acceptance test was planned and carried out. Two anti-surge controllers were installed and commissioned in a copper smelter in Namibia.

· 2008 Vibration readings taken and analysed for two nitric acid trains. The upgrading of the controls for parallel operation of three coke oven exhausters was a major project and spread over several years. It included the mechanical modifications needed for electronic speed control in the ABB DCS, standalone 2 out of 2 overspeed trip into the hardwired trip circuit.

In January 2009 Lorenz and his family moved from Johannesburg to Perth and he joined IPS Australia as a Senior Commissioning Engineer.

Major assignments while based in Perth, Western Australia:

· 2009 In-situ balancing of an ID Fan in a sugar mill in Fiji. Adjusted a pressure limit in the turbolog controller at CSBP Kwinana. Assisted commissioning and surge trials of blast furnace blower at Bluescope Steel Woolongong NSW. Performance Test of KKK blowers at WWTP near Sydney. Assistance (nightshift) in commissioning of vacuum blowers for a paper machine in Tumut NSW. Compiled a procedure and carried out overspeed testing of a steam turbine at CSBP Kwinana.

· 2010 Installation and commissioning of an odour control unit in the Alkimos WWTP. Machinery health check on 7 Centac compressors at L'Air Liquide Kwinana. Installation and commissioning of SIL rated turbolog anti surge control system on the stand-by blower at a South Australian steelworks. Commissioning of nitric acid train after overhaul in Gladstone QLD. Over two months in Monclova Mexico for the installation and pre-commissioning of a steam turbine and blower train.

2011 Return to Mexico for the commissioning of the turbine and the blower. Performance check of a steam turbine at CSBP Kwinana. Assisting the German Software engineer with the commissioning of upgraded controls (turbolog GA BlueEdit) on fuel gas compressors in a power station in New Zealand. Turbolog training given at steel works in Whyalla SA and at a fertilizer plant in Kwinana WA.

· End of July 2011 Lorenz left IPS Australia and started STEINAUER PTY LTD.

Some of the assignments for STEINAUER PTY LTD:

· As a casual employee for IPS, a KKK blower in a Sydney waste water treatment plant was re-commissioned and its performance checked. As a contractor to IPS, overspeed tests were carried out with a Dresser steam turbine in Queensland. The controls of the two air compressors at a power station in WA were investigated.

· 2012 Two jobs were carried out in Indonesia: A gear type air compressor with H&B Protronic P controllers and the main blower in a refinery with a turbolog dual redundant anti-surge system. Commissioning of three new compressors in an air separation plant on a gold mine in Papua New Guinea. Offshore course completed.

· 2013 Commissioning of re-injection compressor on an FPSO in the Timor Sea. Solar Mars 100 is the driver, Dry-Gas seal system. Surge trials with two air compressors (GHH and a Demag) in a refinery in Brisbane with CCC controllers.

· 2014 Several more trips to the Montara FPSO in the Timor Sea. Training received for the Scout 100 Data Collector in Brisbane, QLD. Repair of a Voith EHC for a blow-off valve of the stand-by blower of a blast furnace in South Australia.

· 2015 MONTARA re-injection compressor package was handed over after more than 200 days offshore over the past two years. FAT of turbolog system of a furnace blower at Honeywell Melbourne. Organised a visa for Russia. Lorenz received a job briefing at Siemens Duisburg and spent 8 weeks on site in Russia for the pre-commissioning of a steam turbine and a blower for a FCC refinery.

· 2016 For over four months Lorenz worked in a steel plant in San Nicolas, Argentina. He did the pre-commissioning of two Siemens steam turbines driving a gear type air compressor each. The MAC is designed so it can work as a blast furnace blower as well. He had to make changes to the PLC (S7) and the graphic module (WinCC) with a PG. After picking up the visa in Singapore it took a week to commission and do the surge mapping of a motor driven gear type air compressor at Air Liquide Indonesia.