Steffen Lippert

Welcome to my webpage! I am an economist working as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. I am also an Associate Investigator at Te Pūnaha Matatini, a member of the Research Network for Applied and Theoretical Economics (ATE) and the Centre for Mathematical Social Science (CMSS), as well as an Associate Editor of Economic Modelling. I studied Economics at Mannheim, Berkeley, and Toulouse and received my PhD in Economics in 2005 from the Toulouse School of Economics and Mannheim University.


University of Auckland, Department of Economics, Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland 1142, New Zealand

Ph: +64 9 923 7193


Office: 663


Research Interests

Institutions and Incentives, Social and Economic Networks, Social Capital, Innovation, Competition Policy and Regulation.

Refereed Publications

Pan, A., Fabrizi, S., Lippert, S., 2018. Non-Congruent Views about Signal Precision in Collective Decisions. The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics 18(2), 20160185 (supported by Marsden Grant UOA1617).

Fabrizi, S., Lippert, S., 2017. Corruption and the public display of wealth. Journal of Public Economic Theory 19(4), 827-840 (among the most downloaded articles published in JPET in 2017 and 2018 ).

Fabrizi, S., Lippert, S., Puppe, C., Rosenkranz, S., 2016. Manufacturer suggested retail prices, loss aversion and competition. Journal of Economic Psychology 53, 141-153.

Bloch, F., Fabrizi, S., Lippert, S., 2015. Learning and collusion in new markets with uncertain entry costs. Economic Theory 58(2), 273-303 (supported by Marsden Grant UOO0821).

Fabrizi, S., Lippert, S., Norback, P.J., Persson, L., 2013. Venture capitalists and the patenting of innovations. Journal of Industrial Economics 61(3), 623-659 (supported by Marsden Grant UOO0821).

Fabrizi, S., Lippert, S., 2012. Due diligence, research joint ventures, and the incentives to innovate. Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 168(4), 588-611 (supported by Marsden Grant UOO0821).

Lippert, S., Spagnolo, G., 2011. Networks of relations and word-of-mouth communication. Games and Economic Behavior 72(1), 202-217.

Lippert, S., Schumacher, C., 2009. Hopping on the methadone bus. Journal of Health Economics 28(3), 728-736.

Lippert, S., Spagnolo, G., 2008. Internet peering as networks of relations. Telecommunications Policy 32(1), 33-49.

Working Papers and Work in Progress

Fabrizi, S., Lippert, S., 2020. On moral hazard and joint R&D. R&R Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics.

Lippert, S., Tremewan, J., 2020. Pledge-and-review in the laboratory. R&R Games and Economic Behavior.

Fabrizi, S., Lippert, S., Rodrigues Neto, J.A., 2019. Attack, defense and the market for protection. Working paper.

Fabrizi, S., Lippert, S., Pan, A., Ryan, M., 2019. Jury voting with an ambiguous likelihood. Working paper (supported by Marsden Grant UOA1617).

Bloch, F., Fabrizi, S., Lippert, S., 2020. Experimentation and entry with common values. Working paper.

Kerr, S., Lippert, S., Lou, Y., 2020. Financial transfers and climate cooperation. Working paper.

Book Chapters

Lippert, S., 2011. Social capital in networks of relations. In Sacconi, L., Degli Antoni, G., eds. Social capital, corporate social responsibility, economic behaviour and performance. Pages 149-160. Palgrave Macmillan, New York, NY.

Other publications

Kerr, S., Lippert, S., Lou, E., 2018. Transfers, Self-enforcing Agreements and Climate Cooperation. Coalition Theory Network: From Theory to Application, 21.2018.

Lippert, S., 2018. Review of Krishnendu Ghosh Dastidar: "Oligopoly, Auctions and Market Quality". Journal of Economic Psychology 68, 16-17.

Fabrizi, S., Lippert, S., Panzar, J., 2017. Introduction to the Special Issue on Advances in Competition Policy and Regulation. New Zealand Economic Papers 51(2), 97-99.

Lippert, S., 2016. Review of Supriya Sarnikar: "What can behavioral economics teach us about teaching economics?" Journal of Economic Psychology 56, 302-304.

Bloch, F., Fabrizi, S., Lippert, S., 2016. Terror incognita: How much should you learn before entering a market. University of Auckland Business Review, Autumn 2016.

Fabrizi, S., Lippert, S., Norback, P.J., Persson, L., 2014. Venture capitalists and patenting. EcoNZ@Otago 32.

Research Funding

Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Grant, 2017-2021 (NZ$ 705,000) for `Collective Decision-Making without Common Priors' (Co-PI; with S. Fabrizi, T. Pfeiffer & M. Ryan).

Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fast Start Grant, 2008-2012, (NZ$ 293,745) for `Venture Capital and Intellectual Property' (PI; with N. Erkal & S. Fabrizi).