Managers play a pivotal role in our economic system. My main research focus is on managerial behavior, and I employ a variety of methods and perspectives to measure types of managers and to relate them to corporate outcomes.  In one of my current projects, I elicit risk preferences of U.S. executives from their option exercising behavior and use these data to explain sorting into certain economic environments and risk-taking decisions. I am also interested in the social and moral constraints of top executive pay that are associated with the institutional influences to which the manager is exposed. More recently, I started to use phenotypic information of top decision makers to predict their economic and financial choices. More on this is to come soon.

Current note: I have uploaded an updated file containing measures of relative risk aversion for a large set of U.S. executives (1996-2012), which can be combined with standard archival data from Compustat and others. Please see here.

Steffen Brenner
Professor of Corporate Governance MSO

Copenhagen Business School
Department of International Economics and Management
Porcelaenshaven 24
2000 Frederiksberg

Tel.: +45 3815 2522