Stefan Johnsson



Composer, Musician, Pedagogue 

Degree at Göteborg University | Academy of Music and Drama. 

Degree of Master with a Major in Musicology at Örebro University. Member of the Swedish Composer Society FST. Principal trumpet in Borås Symfoniorkester 

Portrayed in swedish television in 1999. Portrayed in swedish radio P2 ”Mitt i Musiken”. 

Finalist at Music 2000 the Composer Festival in Cincinnati USA 2000. 

Premier Performance at the Sarajevo Winter Festival 2001. 

Composer in Residence at Hafnafjordur Art Studio, Iceland in 2003. 

Premier Performance in Lisbon 2005. 

IAJE in New York 2007

International Trumpet Guild in Banff, Canada 2008. 

Premier Performance in Elgin, Scotland 2010. 

Premier Performance at the University of Whitewater USA, 2011. 

Composer in Residence at the Italian Brass Week 2011 in Santa Fiora, Italy.

New Music Incubator 2011-2012 London-Piteå

Composer in Residence 2012 at the Italian Brass Week, Cesena, Italy.

Premier Performance at the UFMG Belo Horizonte, Brazil 2012  

Masterclass with the trumpet section of Banda Filharmonia Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2012

Guest Composer and Premiere Performance  Italian Brass Week 2013 Cesena

Premiere Performance in Kampala Uganda, 2014. 

Premiere Performance in Izmir, Turkey, 2014. 

Composer in Residence at the Isla Verde Bronces Brass Festival 2015, Isla Verde, Argentina.

Composer in Residence at  GVSU Trumpet Seminar 2015.

Composer in Residence at the Isla Verde Bronces Brass Festival 2016, Isla Verde, Argentina.

Premiere Performance in Kampala Uganda, october 2016. 

Premiere Performance in Havana Cuba, december 2016. JazzPlaza 2016

Premiere Performance in Havana Cuba, july 2017 with Banda Nacional.

Premiere Performance  at the Jazzplaza 2018 in Havana Cuba, with Banda Nacional.

Premiere Performance at the University of Kwazulu-Natal , Durban, South Africa march 2018.

Premiere Performance at the Jazzplaza 2019 in Havana Cuba, with Banda Nacional.

Premiere Performance at WTS Trumpet Seminar 2019 in Kingston, Ontario Canada.


My Africa Variations on a Turkish Folksong

Encuentros mov. 1

Encuentros mov. 2

Encuentros mov. 3

Nordic Calls

Proud to be an African child

La Habana en mi Corazon

Por favor no me olvides




List of works

My music at SVENSK MUSIK

"Solstråle" (Son of Cher) - dur. 6 min. string orchestra, 
rewarded at 
 the international 
music festival in 
Östersund, Sweden1994
"Saturday sound” - dur. 6 min. wind band 1994
"Fantasia for strings"- dur. 8 min.string orchestra 1995
”Two young lovers on a bridge” - dur. 15 min.orchestra, 
 first performed by the Sarajevo Philharmonics in 
Sarajevo 2001
"The Children"- dur. 30 min. orchestra, chorus and 
jazztrio 2003
"Yggdrasill Reborn"- dur.35 min. orchestra, 2003
"Festivo" - dur. 1 min. wind band 2011
"My Africa" - dur. 5 min. Brass Band with SATB choir
"Proud to be an African child" - dur. 4 min. Brass Band with SATB 
choir 2016

"Fanfare Collection" - for various Brass Ensemble
"Fjärilen" (the Butterfly), voice/pi text by 
Harry Martinson chamber orch. arranged for choir
"Enbusken" (the Juniper) - voice/pi,text by Martinson, 
chamber orch.arr for choir
"Världens sommar"- voice/pi arranged for choir,
text by Harry Martinson
"Liv" (Life)-chamber orch, arranged for choir,
text by Harry Martinson
"Snus-Henrik"- voice/pi-text Henrik Bengtsson 
chamber orch.
"Vart tog livet vägen"? - voice/pi-text Henrik Bengtsson, 
chamber orch.
"Inferno" voice/pi,trp,text,- chamber orch.
 (in memory of the victims 
of the fire in Gothenburg 1998)
"Andetag" (Breath)- trumpet/piano
"Inventions in swedish folkstyle" dur.7 min. - 
woodwind quintet, 
first performed in 2000 by the italian"Quintetto Miro", 
in Cincinnati USA
"Coalescence"-trumpet/piano CD-recorded 2001
"Integration"- dur.7 min.cello/violin premiered dec. 
2000 by duo from the Gothenburg 
Symphony Orchestra. Recorded by a 
GSO string quartet in 2001. Also orchestrated as 
String Quartet
"Scherzo for trumpets"- dur.6 min. 5 trp + solo trp 
2003. Prem. in Elgin, Scotland 2010
“Spiritus Sanctus”- SATB, lyrics by H von Bingen. 
Prem. in Lisbon 2005
“Aniara, song 80”- SATB and solotrumpet
"Onoma"- dur. 4:30 min.trumpet/piano 2006
"Byn"- trumpet/piano 2007
“Intermezzo” dur. 8:20 - trp,,pi, 2008
“För mig”-SATB 2008
"Terezin"- trumpet/piano 2009
"Eld och lågor"- trumpet/piano 2010
"Moder Jord (Mother Earth)"- trumpet/piano 2011
"Festivo" - dur. 1 min. Brass Ensemble 2011
"Brass Fantasia"- dur. 8:30 Brass Ensemble 2011
"The Wonder of Brass"- dur. 8.40 min. Brass Quintet 
"Fanfare en hommage à Maurice André"- Brass 
Ensemble 2012
"Conjunto" - trumpet ensemble dur. 7 min. 2012
"Con pompa e sfarzo" - trumpet/piano 2013
"Con eleganza" - trumpet/piano 2013
"Variations on a turkish folksong" - Brass Quintet 2013 
 "Encuentros"- Brass Quintet 2014
"Nordic Calls" - dur. 7.30 Trumpet Ensemble w soloist 
"3 Fanfares" - composed for the Isla Verde Bronces 
Festival 2016

Jazz and improvised music:
"Suite for Big band"- bigband
"Brothers"- bigband
"Jazz"- a Festival Suite, commissioned. by the 
Nordic Jazz&Blues Festival 2001.
(voice, string quartet, trp, tromb, sax,pi, bas, dr.) 
STIM, swedish music.
12 jazz tunes.
"Twelve Sketches" dur. 40 min.- trp,alto,pi,bs,
Premiered at the 
Nordic Jazz&Blues festival 2003 in Borås.
"A heroe of our time" -in honour of Mr Nelson Mandela 
(choir, trp, tromb, 
sax,pi, bas, dr.) 
"La Habana en mi corazón" - for Big Band. Havana 2016
"La Habana en mi corazón" - for Wind band. Havana 2017
"Por favor, no me olvides" - for Wind band and Big Band. Havana 2018

Solo work:
"Fantasia" dur. 5 min - church organ
"Partenza" dur 1. min-solo trumpet

Pedagogical material:
"Trumpet på lite annat sätt" 28 songs with CD. 8 of the 
songs are arranged for Brass Ensemble.
9 Youth Wind Orchestra compositions.