Stefan Terstiege

Welcome to my homepage! 

I'm an assistant professor at the Department of Microeconomics and Public Economics at Maastricht University.

Contact: Maastricht University, Department of Microeconomics and Public Economics, Tongersestraat 53, Room A4.05, 6211LM Maastricht, Netherlands, Phone: +31 (43) 38 83626, Email: s.terstiege[at]

Research interests: information economics, mechanism design, contract theory


Competitive information disclosure to an auctioneer

with Cédric Wasser, Online Appendix, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 14(3), 2022, 622-664

Buyer-optimal extensionproof information

with Cédric Wasser, Journal of Economic Theory 188, 2020, 105070

On the signal realization set in contracting with information disclosure

Economics Letters 163, 2018, 83-86

Gathering imperfect information before signing a contract

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On information acquisition by buyers and information disclosure by sellers

Economics Letters 140, 2016, 60-63 

Private versus verifiable interim performance evaluations under uncertainty

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Endogenous information and stochastic contracts

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Working papers:

Market segmentation and product steering

with Adrien Vigier, 2023

Product information provided by sellers and platforms

with Cédric Wasser, 2022

Experiments versus distributions of posteriors

with Cédric Wasser, 2022