Stefan Terstiege

Welcome to my homepage! 

I'm assistant professor at the Department of Microeconomics and Public Economics at Maastricht University.

Contact: Maastricht University, Department of Microeconomics and Public Economics, Tongersestraat 53, Room A4.05, 6211LM Maastricht, Netherlands, Phone: +31 (43) 38 83626, Email: s.terstiege[at]

Research interests: information economics, mechanism design, contract theory


Experiments versus distributions of posteriors

with Cédric Wasser, Mathematical Social Sciences 125, 2023, 58-60

Competitive information disclosure to an auctioneer

with Cédric Wasser, Online Appendix, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 14(3), 2022, 622-664

Buyer-optimal extensionproof information

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On the signal realization set in contracting with information disclosure

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Gathering imperfect information before signing a contract

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On information acquisition by buyers and information disclosure by sellers

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Private versus verifiable interim performance evaluations under uncertainty

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Working papers:

Bilateral design of product information

with Cédric Wasser, 2024

Market segmentation and product steering

with Adrien Vigier, 2024

Market segmentation, information sale, and information foreclosure

with Emanuele Tarantino and Adrien Vigier, 2024