Professor & ProRector (honorary)

    Polish University Abroad, London, UK

    Honorary Research Associate

    Department of Computing & Communication Technologies, 

    Faculty of Technology, Design & Environment,

    Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK


    MEng, Warsaw University of Technology,  Poland

    MSc (Computer Science), University College London, UK

    PhD (Computer Science), Open University, Milton Keynes, UK


    Databases, theoretical foundations of software engineering, 

    computer assisted teaching, managing didactic processes


    Visiting Professor, Warsaw University of Technology, 

    Faculty of Mathematics & Information Sciences, 2010/11

    Visiting Professor, J. Kepler University of Linz, Austria

    Institute of System Software, 2002/03, 2009/10

    Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK

    • School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences,1987-2002

       Deputy Head & Director of Studies in Computing 

    • School of Technology, 2002-2007

       Asst. Dean & Head of Graduate Studies


    Theory and Practice of Relational Databases, 2nd ed. 

    (with B Champion & R Leyton), Taylor & Francis, 

    London & New York, 2001

    Programming in SQL, Pitman, London 1991

    Theory and Practice of Relational Databases

    Pitman London 1990 and UCL Press London, 1993

    On equivalence of theoretical database models

    Informatikkolloquium, University of Linz, June 2009

    Computer Assisted Database Course, presentation for

    Conf. E-Learning Here & Now, Oxford Brookes University, 

    Oxford, July 2004

    Towards European Framework for Virtual Degree Studies,

    European Commission, DG XIII Consultation Workshop, 

    Luxembourg, October 2001

    Normalisation due to Process Dependencies

    Technical Report CMS-TR-97-07, Oxford 1997