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After the Vietnamese version of the CoD 1 map, Carentan, we remade the Kha Ran Than map for the public.

The setting is now in the North-West of France, in the city of Carentan.
Allies must infiltrate into the city and claim the Axis' intel documents and secure them in the helicopter. 

Axis must prevent all this and must succeed in transmitting their vital information.


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I. A brief history

This et_carentan was originally conceived as a complete and perfect reconstruction of Carentan, in order to pay tribute to this celebrated Call of Duty multiplayer map. In the mapping process, and with the consent of VS, the idea got adapted in honor of the alliance between SLUT and VS.

The map was to be subject to a complete transformation, ultimately attempting to give the map a Vietnamese war atmosphere. Hence, the map's name became a mere "vietnamization" of Carentan: "Kha Ran Than". Evidently, the map featured the VS Vietnam mod textures and sounds. Also, beside the original Carentan setting, the map was enlarged with a beach landing and a town plaza to better suit the 40 slot VS server.

In an initial phase, Kha Ran Than was to be provided exclusively to the VS clan to use on their VETERAN SOLDIERS-VIETNAM server. Later on it would, independently of the VS Vietnam mod, be made public for others when adapted to the original CoD Carentan setting, preserving the said enlargments.

II. Creation

Main mapper: [SLUT] manwhore
Scripter: [SLUT] Shagileo.
More info about them can be found on their clan's website: or on the [SLUT] Forum:

In the process, they received a great deal of help from other distinguished mappers, who will be thanked and credited later on in this readme.

The entire concept took about a year of weekend work to become reality, from somewhere in September 2008 to September 2009.
IMPORTANT NOTE: It must be emphasized the final result was achieved without ever decompiling anything from the original CoD map or any other map from any other game. Also, out of respect of the original creation, the map is provided with completely different textures than the CoD version.

Map structure and idea by [SLUT] manwhore
Shaders and (re-)texturing by [SLUT] manwhore
Scripting by [SLUT] Shagileo

Mapped on a:

Intel Pentium 4 ; 2.40 GHz ; Windows XP SP3 ; NVidia Gforce 4 MX 420
Radiant : 1.4

III. Map & objectives

1. Setting:

As said, the map's setting is based on the Call of Duty map, which in turn based itself on the prestigious "Band of Brothers" series. The liberation of Carentan took place on June 12, 1944. It is this framework this map is relying on as well. In order to insert a worthy objective, we decided upon the stealing of a tank, escorting it to German head quarters, stealing documents there and securing those in a Huey helicopter.

The map features the original CoD town of Carentan, together with a small beach and a town plaza.

2. Objectives

- Attacking team: US Easy Company

Objective: Stealing top secret documents which could gravily endanger the planned liberation of Europe from the German terror.

- Defending team: Germany

Objective: the Germans are in the middle of transmitting the secret intel and must prevent the documents from getting stolen.

3. Map and spawn times

Time limit: 30 minutes
Allied spawn time: 12 seconds
Axis spawn time: 15 seconds

IV. Credit

Credit goes to:

- Sage for the -vis improvements, misc editing and great support
- Menzel for his car model
- Pegazus for his helicopter model and great support
- Necromancer for his skybox pack
- VS Monkey
- UJE Niek for, amongst others, his great blending and, together with UJE C, more -vis improving
- Official 6-maps source (for crates, radar house: allies first spawn (edited by us) and other
models that come default with the game)
- the original CoD Carentan creators
- Rayban for the treeline texture and shader
- whoever we forgot to mention here

V. Thanks

Our thanks goes to:

- the [SLUT] clan
- Monkey for testing the first versions of the map and the helpful feedback
- a particular, very kind inhabitant of a place called The Delta Quadrant
- the VS clan for its great server, home of its celebrated Vietnam 0.0.2 mod as well as the Vietnamized version of this map, Kha Ran Than
- Pegazus and Sage from S&M mapping
- UJE Niek and UJE C
- all mappers, in particular on the splashdamage forums, who helped us in any way
- everyone who tested this map or brought an added value to the map
- you who are reading this and will (hopefully) play et_carentan
- our Nintendo Wii for entertaining us during compiling times (... long times it were)
- our PC for hangin' on

VI. Contact

For suggestions, recommendations, comments,... you can contact the map creators via:

or via the Splashdamage forums (infra)

VII. Further links

VIII. Extra and known issues

- The creators of this map acknowledge that, in an already more distant past, many previous versions of Carentan have been released for ET. Despite this fact, they still hope this version may be appreciated for its truthfulness as well as for its innovative approach.

- The tank movement is sometimes rather shaky. This could be fixed in a later release

- Hall of mirrors effect through some fences

- func_explosive window frame to be fixed in next release

IX. Copyright

Copyright © [SLUT]manwhore and [SLUT]Shagileo, 2009
All rights reserved.

Helicopter, Huey, copyright. Ownership of SLUT SMB, SLUT Mapping Bunker, by S&M Mapping, 2009
All rights reserved.

You are BY NO MEANS allowed to
- decompile this level
- modify the et_carentan.pk3 file
- copy, modify or distribute any of the file's components, notwithstanding possible rights granted from creators of some of the map's components
- use any of the models inside the map. The following models are NOT ours and therefor you can be granted usage: menzel car model, default ET models.
Contact the respective owners for usage.

By downloading et_carentan.pk3 you are deemed to have agreed to all of these conditions.
If you are interested in any of the models we use, consult the following website: and submit a request there.



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