Incredible! I am touched by the sincerity of every single note. Truth resonates in cascading spirals. I am so grateful for this piece and thank you for sharing your incredible talent with the world! From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate this album and could listen to it endlessly. May God bless you and all of those who you love dearly.

SpeaksZen, Mantra 22.22 Youtube 2015

“Sciascia's performance is delightful...His playing is full of character, warmth and wit, and not without frequent heroics as he scales the same heights and plumbs the same depths that Bottesini did before him.”

Byzantion MusicWeb International, June 2012

"..Providing a fascinating insight into the variety of culture found across the globe, Sciascia blends the familiar with the lesser known to present a compilation that brims with colour.

The talented bassist’s choice of cantabile repertoire reflects his long-standing wish to play the double bass as if it were a human voice, and he has achieved just that: this is an admirable follow-up to Sciascia’s last Bottesini recording for Newton, revealing once again how an instrument not generally associated with solo repertoire is capable of holding its own – and to great effect."

Songs of the World, arkivmusic.com, July 2012

“...Sciascia plays with heartrending conviction, a deeply sonorous tone and plenty of lyricism...Sciascia's powers of storytelling are definitely in his playing.”

The Kingdom of Ibbi Obbi

Chloe Cutts Double Bassist, 2007

“.. Bottesini Fantasia from Bellini’s opera Beatrice di Tenda ..The allegro passages are played with great skill, clarity and energy.. Sciascia’s ability to really convey a vast palette of expressive colors highlights his talent as one of the most passionate performers on the instrument today.. Sciascia is a great interpreter of the great man. This CD is highly recommended! “

Robert Nairn Bass World ISB Fall Winter, 2006


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