Stefano Gattei

Dibner Research Fellow

The Huntington Library and California Institute of Technology

1151 Oxford Rd.
San Marino, CA 91108
phone: +1 626 405 2570

via G. Garibaldi, 67
56124 Pisa
phone: +39 050 544673
mobile: +39 335 6674189


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  I graduated in philosophy at the University of Milan in 2003, and was awarded a PhD in philosophy of science at the University of Bristol in 2004. I have been working extensively on contemporary issues in the philosophy of science, especially Karl Popper and critical rationalism, Thomas Kuhn and the incommensurability thesis, the rationality of theory-change and conceptual change, truth and relativism. Since my doctorate, I have been working on the history of early-modern cosmology and astronomy, with special reference to Johannes Kepler and Galileo Galilei.
I taught at the universities of Milan, Vercelli, and Pisa, and was assistant professor at the IMT School for Advanced Studies, in Lucca. I held fellowships at Columbia University, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, and Duke University, and was visiting professor at Caltech. I am currently Dibner Research Fellow at The Huntington Library (San Marino, CA), and Research Associate at Caltech.


reviews  other scholarly
 newspaper articles