Project Funding:

2017    DFG grant "NoSQL Schema Evolution and Big Data Migration at Scale",
            joint project with Uta Störl (Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences) and Meike Klettke (Rostock University)

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Build your own SQL-on-Hadoop Query Engine:
A Report on a Term Project in a Master-level Database Course
Stefanie Scherzinger
SIGMOD Record, June 2019.

NextGen Multi-Model Databases in Semantic Big Data Architectures
Irena Holubova, Stefanie Scherzinger
Extended version of the SBD@SIGMOD 2019 paper,
accepted for publication in the Open Journal of Semantic Web (OJSW)

Matthieu Pilven, Stefanie Scherzinger, Laurent D'Orazio
MoBiD@ER 2019.

What are Real JSON Schemas Like?
Benjamin Maiwald, Benjamin Riedle, Stefanie Scherzinger
EmpER@ER 2019.

Don’t Tune Twice: Reusing Tuning Setups for SQL-on-Hadoop Queries
Edson Ramiro Lucas Filho, Eduardo Cunha de Almeida, Stefanie Scherzinger
ER 2019. Winner of the student best paper award.

DejaVu: Recycling Tuning Setups in Hive Query Compilation
Edson Ramiro Lucas Filho, Eduardo Cunha De Almeida, Stefanie Scherzinger
ER 2019 demo.

Stefanie Scherzinger
FGDB workshop at LWDA 2019.

Unlocking the Potential of NextGen Multi-Model Databases for Semantic Big Data Projects
Irena Holubova, Stefanie Scherzinger

The Best of both Worlds: Challenges in Linking Provenance and Explainability in Distributed ML
Stefanie Scherzinger, Christin Seifert, Lena Wiese
IEEE ICDCS 2019, vision track.

MigCast: Putting a Price Tag on Data Model Evolution in NoSQL Data Stores [video]
Andrea Hillenbrand, Marksym Levchenko, Uta Störl, Stefanie Scherzinger, Meike Klettke
SIGMOD 2019 demo. 

Michal Vavrek, Irena Holubova, Stefanie Scherzinger
EDBT 2019 demo.

jHound: Large-Scale Profiling of Open JSON Data
Mark Lukas Möller, Nicolas Berton, Meike Klettke, Stefanie Scherzinger, Uta Störl
BTW 2019 demo.


Curating Variational Data in Application Development [video on Darwin]
Uta Störl, Daniel Müller, Julian Stenzel, Alexander Tekleab, Stephane Tolale, Meike Klettke, Stefanie Scherzinger
ICDE 2018 demo program.

In for a Surprise when Migrating NoSQL Data
Uta Störl, Alexander Tekleab, Meike Klettke, Stefanie Scherzinger
ICDE 2018 lightning talk.


Uncovering the Evolution History of Data Lakes
Meike Klettke, Hannes Awolin, Uta Störl, Daniel Müller, Stefanie Scherzinger
SCDM@IEEE BigData 2017.

Uta Störl, Daniel Müller, Meike Klettke, Stefanie Scherzinger
BTW 2017 demo program.

ControVol Flex: Flexible Schema Evolution for NoSQL Application Development
Florian Haubold, Johannes Schildgren, Stefanie Scherzinger, Stefan Deßloch
BTW 2017 demo program.


NoSQL Schema Evolution and Big Data Migration at Scale
Meike Klettke, Uta Störl, Manuel Shenavai, Stefanie Scherzinger
SCDM@IEEE Big Data 2016.

Challenges with Continuous Deployment of NoSQL-backed Database Applications
Meike Klettke, Uta Störl, Stefanie Scherzinger, Stephanie Sombach, Katharina Wiech
Presentation at "Herbsttreffen der Fachgruppe Datenbanken"@LWDA 2016.

Herausforderungen bei der Anwendungsentwicklung mit schema-flexiblen NoSQL-Datenbanken 
Meike Klettke, Uta Störl, Stefanie Scherzinger
HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik,Volume 53, Issue 4, August 2016.

Datalution: A Tool for Continuous Schema Evolution in NoSQL-backed Web Applications [preprint]
Stefanie Scherzinger, Stephanie Sombach, Katharina Wiech, Meike Klettke, Uta Störl
Demo at QUDOS@ISSTA 2016.

A Datalog-based Tool for Schema Evolution in NoSQL Databases
Katharina Wiech, Stephanie Sombach, Stefanie Scherzinger
Poster at XP 2016. Watch our movie.

Data Model Evolution using Object-NoSQL Mappers: Folklore or State-of-the-Art?
Andreas Ringlstetter, Stefanie Scherzinger, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé

Finding and Fixing Type Mismatches in the Evolution of Object-NoSQL Mappings
Stefanie Scherzinger, Eduardo Cunha de Almeida, Thomas Cerqueus, Leandro Batista de Almeida, Pedro Holanda
Demo at DIACHRON@EDBT 2016.

Kurz erklärt: Objekt-NoSQL Mapping
Uta Störl, Meike Klettke, Stefanie Scherzinger
Datenbankspektrum, March 2016, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp 83-87.


A Datalog-based Protocol for Lazy Data Migration in Agile NoSQL Application Development [errata version]
S. Scherzinger, U. Störl, M. Klettke

Uta Störl, Meike Klettke and Stefanie Scherzinger
"Herbsttreffen der Fachgruppe Datenbanken"@LWA 2015.

T. Cerqueus, E. Cunha de Almeida, S. Scherzinger
Poster at WWW 2015.

T. Cerqueus, E. Cunha de Almeida, S. Scherzinger

ControVol: A Framework for Controlled Schema Evolution in NoSQL Application Development
S. Scherzinger, T. Cerqueus, E. Cunha de Almeida
Demo at ICDE 2015.

Schema Extraction and Structural Outlier Detection for NoSQL Data Stores
M. Klettke, U. Störl, S. Scherzinger
Scientific Paper at BTW 2015.

Schemaless NoSQL Data Stores – Object-NoSQL Mappers the Rescue?
U. Störl, T. Hauf, M. Klettke, S. Scherzinger
Industry Paper at BTW 2015.

S. Scherzinger, M. Klettke, U. Störl
Demo at BTW 2015.

S. Scherzinger, A. Thor
Demo at BTW 2015.


in der agilen Anwendungsentwicklung mit schema-flexiblen NoSQL-Datenbanksystemen
M. Klettke, S. Scherzinger, U. Störl. 
Datenbankspektrum Volume 14, 2, July 2014.
S. Scherzinger, E. Cunha de Almeida, F. Ickert, M. Didonet Del Fabro

During my PhD / before 2010

Stefanie Scherzinger, H. Karn, T. Steinbach
BTW 2009, Demo.

C. Koch, S. Scherzinger, M. Schmidt
ICDE 2008.

VLDB 2007, Demo.

C. Koch, S. Scherzinger
The VLDB Journal 16 (3), 317-342, 2007.

S. Scherzinger
International Workshop on XQuery Implementation, Experience and Perspectives  (XIME-P) 2007.

S. Scherzinger, A. Kemper

C. Koch, S. Scherzinger, N. Schweikardt, B. Stegmaier
VLDB 2004, Demo.

VLDB 2004.

C. Koch, S. Scherzinger

Konzeption eines Datenmodells bei der Migration eines sozialen Netzwerks auf Cloud- und NoSQL-Technologie.
S. Ertel, S. Scherzinger
27. AKWI Jahrestagung in Regensburg, September 2014.
> A publication on a Master student project in cooperation with Continental AG (the DropYa! project).

Ein Cloud-basiertes räumliches Decision Support System für die Herausforderungen der Energiewende.
G. Klossek, S.Scherzinger, M.Sterner
GI-Workshop Grundlagen von Datenbanken 2013.
A publication on a Master student project.

Karel relearns C – Teaching good software engineering practices in CS1 with Karel the Robot
Markus Heckner, Stefanie Scherzinger, Alexander Bazo, Christian Wolff

C. Koch, D. Olteanu, S. Scherzinger