Invited Talks

On cloud technology:
  • 4-JUN-2015 Presentation at TU Dresden

  • 3-MAR-2015 Presentation at the BTW Studierendenprogramm in Hamburg

  • 18-DEC-2014 Presentation at Universität Luxembourg

  • 17-OCT-2014 Presentation at Salzburg University

  • 10-OCT-2014 Presentation at the IBM DB2 Community Meeting, Böblingen

  • 8-SEP-2014 Presentation at AKWI 2014

  • 22-JUN-2014 Presentation at WebDB 2014

  • 13-MAR-2014 Presentation at Tübingen University

  • 6-MAR-2014 Presentation at EPFL Lausanne

  • 4-MAR-2014 Presentation at TU München

  • 22-NOV-2013 Invited talk at Freie Universität Bozen

  • 5-NOV-2013 Invited colloqium at Passau University

  • 30-AUG-2013 Paper presentation at DBPL 2013

  • 15-JUL-2013 Paper presentation at TTC 2013

  • 09-JUL-2013 Invited colloquium at University of Rostock

  • 21-JUN-2013 Invited colloquium at Tübingen University

  • 26-APR-2013 On "Data in the Cloud" at the "Regensburger Nacht der Wissenschaften".

  • 15-JUN-2012 Invited speaker at the TNG Big Techdday on interfaces into the Google cloud.

  • 8-MAR-2012 Invited workshop at FH Salzburg, introducing Google App Engine as an example for Platform-as-a-Service.

On other database topics:
  • 25-SEP-2012 EPFL LausanneTales from Industry: Data Stream Processing in Database Performance Monitoring

On didactics and career advice: