What do I do?
I am a professor in the computer science department
at OTH Regensburg, a University for Applied Sciences

Contact: stefanie.scherzinger@oth-regensburg.de

My job consists of teaching, research, and service: 

  • Programming
  • Relational databases
  • NoSQL data stores
  • Agile software development using NoSQL data stores.
  • Data processing in the large, in particular, using NoSQL data stores.
  • Software- and schema evolution during agile software development.
  • Special-purpose programming and query languages.
  • Reviewer and PC member 
  • Teaching the next generation of CS students at summer schools and Girls' Day activities

What did I do before I became a professor?
  • I was a software engineer for first IBM, then for Google.
  • My academic studies took me to Passau University, University of Edinburgh, Vienna University of Technology,
    Saarland University, and a research visit at Cornell University.