Endorsements for the Project

“The Reading Historical Commission commends the Board of Trustees and the members of the Old South United Methodist Church in their work towards preserving the Steeple and Bell Tower.  The church is a true icon that defines the characteristics and roots of the town as it sits pastorally at the apogee of the Town Common.  Without the help from the community, the loss of the steeple and bell tower would not only be a terrible loss to the church, but it would carve a deep hole into the heart and eyes of the community. We hope that Reading will support this important project, because once irreplaceable historic and architectural items are gone, they are gone forever!” 

Mark Cardono, RHC Chairman

“The quintessential New England view of the Old South clock tower on the Common is also the iconic symbol of our town.  As demonstrated by its appearance in logos ranging from the 350th anniversary, the Millennium Party, the Downtown Steering Committee, and even the Chamber of Commerce, no image says 'Reading' more emphatically.
Alan Foulds, Reading Town Moderator
“Old South, with its imposing steeple and bell tower, is a defining structure in Reading. Sitting at the pinnacle of our downtown, it graces the Common. The guardians of this treasure, the members of the Church, are in need of the community's help. The costly repairs needed in order to preserve the bell tower will require outside funds and we can help. So as we ask ourselves, ‘For whom does the bell toll?’ It tolls for all of us. Please support Old South with your donation.”
Camille Anthony  
“The Old South steeple and clock tower is part of our church, but it is also the center of our town, sitting handsomely at the top of the Reading Square. It is part of our history. It deserves to be preserved and we hope the whole town will support this effort.
Bob and Nathalie Nordstrand