PzCalc Users Manual


PzCalc is a calculator application program for iOS. It is designed for programmers. You can describe the expression by ANSI-C syntax.

Copyright and License

Copyright (C) 2014 Steel Wheels Project.

This software is distributed under GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0).

Target System

  • iPhone, iOS8 or later

Source code

You can checkout the source code of this software from below repositories.

User's Manual


Here is the screen shot of this application. The "calculation field" is used to display the inputed expression and it's result value. The "Ten Key Buttons" is a keyboard to input the expression the field.

Calculation Field

The calculation field contains following items:

  • Result Value Field : Display the result value of the expression
  • Expression field : Input expression by the ten key

You can change the value format of result value. The popup menu will be appeared when you touch the non-empty result value field. You can choose the valid format from the menu,

Ten Key Buttons

The keyboard has following modes:

  • Decimal input mode : Mode to input decimal value and basic operators.
  • Hexadecimal input mode : Mode to input hexadecimal value and basic operators.
  • Operator input mode : Move to input all operator for the expression.

You can switch the mode by Dec, Hex and Op key. Here is the key mapping for each modes:

Build in functions

Supported built-in functions

Function Name Description
signed int
abs(signed int value);
Get absolute value of input signed integer value
unsigned int
masks(unsigned int msb, unsigned int lsb)
Get mask value which has bit "1" from bit position msg to lsb
unsigned int
bits(unsigned int msb, unsigned int lsb, unsigned int value)
Calculate mask(msb, lsb) && value
unsigned int
fields(unsigned int msb, unsigned int lsb, unsigned int value)
Calculate bits(msb, lsb, value) >> lsb

Change Log

Version Release date Release note
1.0 2014/11/09 Initial version
1.0.2 2014/11/17
  • Return to top row after the "AC" button is pressed and every context are cleared.
  • Bug fix. The cursor will be lost when the scrolling by manually,