iGlyphTrainer is an iOS application to train yourself for glyph hacking of Ingress. If you don't know about glyph hacking, see Glyph Hacking page on Niantic Project Wiki. This software is free and open source software, so you can download the application binary and the source code. I hope you enjoy this software !!.


The current version is v1.0.2.


Copyright (C) 2015 Steel Wheels Project.
This software is distributed under GNU general public license, Version 2.1.


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Target System

  • System: iPhone, iOS8 or later
  • Build environment : Xcode 6.4 (The application is build and tested based on this)


Users Manual

Startup Screen

After starting this software, you will see the application main screen. There are 3 buttons for your actions:

  • The Start button : Start the glyph hacking sequence. The question sequence will be started.
  • The Setup button : Edit the game configuration. The Setup Panel will be opened. The Setup Panel has the link to Glyph Panel to see all kind of glyphs.
  • The About button : See the information about this application. The About Panel will be opened

Question Sequence

The 1st sequence of glyph hacking. You must memorize the incoming glyph shapes and sequence of them. After this sequence, the stage is switched into Answer Sequence.

Screen for displaying glyphs

Answer Sequence

The 2nd sequence of glyph hacking. You must draw the glyphs which is drawn at the previous sequence. After this sequence, the stage is switched into Evaluation Sequence.

Screen for input glyph sequence

Evaluation Sequence

The last sequence of glyph hacking. All glyphs that you draw are checked whether it is matched with expected one. After this sequence, the stage is switched into Result Screen.

Screen for evaluation of inputed glyph sequence

Result Screen

The result screen is same as startup screen except displaying score.

Screen to display results

Setup Panel

The setup panel is used to change the configuration of glyph hacking. The "Glyph" button is used to move to Glyph Panel,

Glyph Panel

The glyph panel shows all glyphs.

About Panel

Tje about panel presents the copyright of the application, the web page of the user's manual and the web page link of the creator.

Screen to present about this application

Review sites

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  • Update for iGlyphTrainer version 1.0.1 (2015/07/16)