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Welcome to ashski steelbikes, home of the tall vintage steel bike. These bikes are well suited to tall lanky guys looking for a versatile comfortable ride. They have more clearance than newer plastic and aluminum versions and hold up better to the forces dished out by tall guys. How many 20 to 30 year old aluminum or plastic bikes do you see riding around town?

These bikes are typically made in Japan or the US of high quality lightweight cromoly steel. This makes for a very tough long lasting frame and a nice comfortable ride.

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Super tall Schwinn

Here is a rare Italian made Touring bike with TA cranks and long Campagnolo dropouts, chrome lugs, in a size 63cm.

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very nice japan made super sport

This is the well known Trek 720 touring bike with very long 47cm chain stays. The frame size is 25.5" or 65cm, the biggest they made. The tubing is Reynolds 531 and is lug construction. This bike is all original except for the upgraded indexed shifting and 7 speed Shimano hub. The rear wheel was rebuilt with original rim. Even the tires appear to be original!! Click HERE for more info.


FRAMEs for sale:

Univega Special


Holdsworth frame

65 25 47 64 63 66

 Any one have a tall Lemond frame to trade? 

Some of the tall bikes currently for sale:

Sekai 2000 68cm Frame!

Schwinn Traveler size 68 cm!

Super Tall Schwinn Traveler size 68cm
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Italvega - chrome lugs

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SchwinnSuperSport size 59cm:

Scwhinn Super Sport  -  Japan made beauty:





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I am in the Seattle area.  You can call me at 425-269-9420.


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