My Favorite Links

Crossword blogs, crossword constructors, and useful websites.

Crossword Blogs

Diary of a Crossword Fiend: Reviewing the best crosswords in print and on the web. And doin' a mighty fine job.

Crossword Kathy: Kathy Matheson reviews the New York Times crossword. She's funny.

Rex Parker Does the New York Times: Rex is a crossword puzzle legend.

LA Times Crossword Corner: Everything you need to know about the LA Times crossword.

WordPlay: The crossword puzzle of the New York Times blog.

Puzzle Nation: Free puzzles and games, and reviews of new games.

Crossword Constructors

Jonesin' Crosswords: Because nobody clues like this. "The Granite State! Oops, I just sneezed all over you!"  NEW HAMPSHIRE! AHH, HHAERIHSPMAHWEN

Brendan Emmett Quigley: One of my favorite constructors.

Merl Reagle: 'Nuff said.

Crossword Nation: Liz Gorski, another one of my favorite constructors.

The American Values Club Xword: Ben Tausig's reincarnation of the Onion AV Club puzzle. Speaking of which...

Ben Tausig crafts Ink Well Xwords: Some of the best crosswords anywhere.

Triple Play Puzzles: Trip Payne, constructor, one of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament's top solvers, and star of Wordplay.

That Puzzle Guy's Blog: Tyler Hinman. I'm in awe of this guy.

Patrick Blindauer: He made a crossword puzzle that resembled a dollar bill. I want to be him when I grow up.

Matt Gaffney's Daily Crossword: Lots of really clever puzzles.
Useful Websites

LA Times Crossword: They print my puzzles. I love that about them.

Penny/Dell Puzzles: They print my puzzles, too. They're awesome.

New York Times Crossword: Even though Will Shortz hasn't printed any of my puzzles, I'll leave this link here to show what a good sport I am. Amazing website, lots of good information.

Crossword Tracker: Keeps track of all the words and clues so I don't have to.

Crossword Compiler: If you want to construct crossword puzzles, you need this. And it's worth every penny. Really.

Common Ground: It's a daily online game, it's also a board game, and it's one of my favorite sources for crossword puzzle ideas.

OneAcross: A searchable database.

The Free Dictionary: Best dictionary on the Internet, in my opinion.

Internet Movie Database: Movies, TV, Celebrities...IMDB delivers all the tidbits and trivia that make for great crossword clues.

Quinapalus's Things Cruciverbal: Amazing searchable database, with lots of ways to search.

Puzzle Nation: Lots of free puzzles and games.