Who are we?

Bay Steamers Maritime Museum is a volunteer organisation that restores the Steam Tug Wattle.

The Steam Tug Wattle is one of only a small number of steamers still surviving in Australian waters. 

Latest Updates

4 April - I trust you had a happy and relaxing Easter and are looking forward to the resumption of Wattle work!
This coming Saturday we will start by removing the bunting and barricades from the bbq and then get back into the real work, such as:-
Caulking the fore deck (ten more tubes of caulking on order and arriving next week)
Cleaning the condenser
Chipping and needle gunning the sponson area
Templating and installing deck plate over the rudder box
Removing the breather and filling deck fittings over the stbd water tank, chip and paint deck
Waterside Engineering was scheduled to start again on the 8th but they have been delayed until the following week.  They will still be doing two weeks except for Anzac day.
Jeff Malley will be the site foreman for the day so ask him for a job if you are at a loose end.
21 March - Last Saturday went well.  Vic and Jeff have laid the first of the caulking into the fore deck, Steve, Dick and I continued needle gunning the sponson area and painting, we moved a few of the larger items around the yard in preparation for visitors, Tony and John G started templating the main deck replacement plate and John R and Howard carried on with the condenser tubes.  We did try to keep Howard for the duration but he escaped through the holes in the hull - another good reason to get them closed up!  We finished up a little earlier than usual as the rain was threatening but I think we were still quite productive.
This coming Saturday we will carry on as usual during the morning and devote the afternoon to preparing for the member's bbq on Sunday.
The morning tasks will be:
deck caulking
needle gunning the sponson area
deck plate replacement
The afternoon tasks will be:
Minor tidy up of the yard
Put up safety barricades
Put up tarps for shelters (providing no high winds are forecast)
Clear and barricade the main deck for visitors
We will still have a few jobs for Sunday morning but we will deal with them on the day.
In other news, our Naval Architect visited us on the 14th March and was quite positive about both obtaining survey and all the interesting things we could do with the Wattle once she is back in survey.  We have also booked Waterside Engineering to start work again on the 8th April for two weeks and, in very recent news, the boiler will be inspected on the 8th April as well.
Finally, news from two of our Volunteers, Kurt Reiger and Russell Danby.  Kurt is getting involved in some community water projects in Bali and Russell has just jetted out for a month volunteering for an orphanage in Vietnam.  I'm going to chase both of them for a few words and photos about their activities to pass on to our other members.


Working Bee 19 South Wharf April 13, 2013 0900-1500 
Working Bee 19 South Wharf April 6, 2013 0900-1500 
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