Steampunk 101 is a 
one-term class with a partial base on steampunk fiction. However, the lessons will not focus on telling you how to write in the steampunk style, because there isn't really a specific style to follow. If anyone tells you otherwise, they're wrong. Seriously, people have their own aesthetics, and it's not really fair of me to dictate them, either. So while portions of the class may require some creativity, Steampunk 101 is by no means a writing class. It is more an intro into this fabulous sub-genre that's quickly taking form and gathering, shall we say, steam.

This class is currently taught by Gail Allen. It was originally created by Prof. Cassandra Lobiesk. It is currently on loan from Prof. Kyrie Adderholt. 

Hi, Ariella here.  I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to have the good fortune of teaching this class.  Next to Doctor Who, steampunk is my favorite obsession!  I am glad that you decided to join up for the adventure.

I swear, despite popular rumor to the contrary, I do not bite (except on Tuesdays).  Seriously, if ever you need to talk or have concerns/questions about the class, I'm always ready to listen.  You can reach me via the class address: or drop me a message ar1107.  Cheers!

See the Syllabus for more information.