The Explanation and the List

I have no guilt in explaining that this list is a compilation of many sites that I have discovered through reading the blogs of fellow educators, articles, etc. In some ways I feel like a thief - I have stolen thanks to the explanation and exposure these sites have previously received. But I wanted to create a place where these could be easily listed and explained. My explanations are brief and are not supposed to be a tutorial. All reviewed sites are listed on the ABC List page alphabetically or users can use the sidebar where lists are broken down topic. 

This page can be shared with anyone and will be used by my students - if you have any questions you can email me.

To understand the format of the review - each site has it's name and url posted - as well as how the site describes itself - the sites description is always quoted. Finally I post a brief review.

Click on the ABC List link to see all sites reviewed or view sites by sub section

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Brief Summary of each sub section:

Helpful site: If you are trying to decide if you want to use a blog, wiki, or google doc in your classroom and you are uncertain of what one you should choose visit this site for help:

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