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KS Beef Expo

The bull we sold in the 2013 KS Beef Expo, Steadfast JCO Z21
Full possession and 50% semen interest sold to Prairie View Farms of Seneca, Kansas for $3,000. He was the third high selling bull over all breeds.
For his online pedigree click here.
We intend to collect semen on "JCO" this fall.
"JCO" was the first bull calf born after my best friend passed away in January of 2012.  "JCO" were his initials. Yes, this bull has a black hide, but he carries the red-recessive gene and is registered as 100%, "Category II" in the Red Angus herdbook. The Red Angus Association of America registers BOTH red and black hided Angus cattle, just like every other Angus Association worldwide except the American Angus Association.
"JCO" has Julian B571 five times in his pedigree for an IBC of 7.8%. Weaning Weight Ratio of 114. He has an Adj. WW of 1,189# to Ratio 110. His Adj. YW is 1,189 to Ratio 110. Top 7% for Calving Ease. Top 27% for YW. High HPG and Stayability EPD's. He also has a CED EPD in the Top 14% to sire future easy calving females. His dam has a 104.0 MPPA and weighed 1,135# when this bull was weaned. Maternal brother to this bull was the top selling bull over all breeds at KS Beef Expo last year. Just like the "Gundy" bull, If we had to rebuild our cowherd with only three of our cows, his dam would be another one of those three cows.
The bull we sold in the 2012 KS Beef Expo, Steadfast Jack Y13
Full posession and 50% semen interest sold to Jared McCoy of Portis, Kansas for $4,100.  He was the high selling
bull over all breeds
The bull we sold in the 2011 KS Beef Expo, Steadfast Boaz W93

This is Steadfast Boaz W93, pictured in March of 2011.  He is the bull we sold to Rick Pflughoeft, Hoft Red Angus, of
Ellsworth, Kansas for $2,200.  W93 was the only Red Angus entry at the KS Beef Expo that year. 
We used W93 on some of our fall cows when he was a yearling and are pleased with his calves.
More information coming soon.