UPDATE:  Our herd has been dispersed. Our headquarters near Inman, Kansas has been sold.  Very little semen remains.
Semen sales will end on June 1, 2017.

Steadfast Beef Genetics
Anyone can sort. Very few really breed.
Developing the Steadfast B571 Strain of Red Angus 
If you are dissatisfied with just sorting through generation after generation of cattle and want to finally start breeding cattle, we welcome you!  We are creating and developing the Steadfast B571 Strain of Red Angus breeding stock for the beef industry.
Whether you have just a few cows or several thousand, if you decide what bulls and/or females to use then you are your own geneticist.  We can help.  Click on any of the buttons below to get started.  Should it be with our genetics or insight into our breeding philosophy, we look forward to serving you.
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With our headquarters on the Santa Fe Trail near Inman, Kansas, we are in the heart of the Great Plains, west of the Flint Hills.
We utilize the tools of closebreeding to increase the genetic purity and homozygosis of our seedstock that will increase the predictability and uniformity in our customers' herds.  In order for commercial cattle operations to take maximum advantage of heterosis (crossbreeding) they need to implement the use of highly homozygous parent lines.  We are creating one such parent line.  Our herdsire Steadfast Boaz T71 is an example we are proud of.
Our genepool is developed with commercial cowherd functionality in mind.  Although our cattle have growth, extreme growth is not our pursuit.  Although our cattle have beneficial carcass traits, monster ribeye size is not our pursuit.  Although the mature size of our cattle is in harmony with functional commercial herds, neither extremely large or extremely small mature size cattle are our pursuit.
We believe that both cows and heifers should calve unassisted with small to moderate birth weights as birth weight is correlated with mature size.  Although we enjoy being with our cattle we don't want to be feeding them any more than we have to.  1,400 pound cows are just not appreciated in our environment.  Low maintenance cattle are our favorites so we want to replicate as many of them as we can.
We want our cattle to be aggressive enough grazers during the summer that they take some fat on their backs into winter, to help them through the traditional non-grazing seasons.  The more work they do for themselves the less work we have to do for them.
Our cattle are being bred for longevity, mild dispositions, broody females, and masculine bulls.  Both bulls and females are expected to have a strong set of hindquarters on them and strength through their toplines.  Bulls should have a good set of testicles to them and be sexual athletes so they can transmit their genetic value.  We know that fat, lazy bulls with poor libidos are dangerously expensive to own and we don't have that kind of money to throw around.  Our females need to have a milking system on them that will be trouble free for years and years and they need to breed back to keep us in the cow business.  The bulls should look like bulls, the females should look like females, and the steers should look tasty.
An animal that carries our brand may not carry a lot of chrome on it, but it sure as the world won't be made out of plastic.
Disposition is not overlooked in our cowherd as we work our cattle on foot.  Since "hot shots" are not permitted here we think it is only fair that the bad dispositions are not tolerated.  The first time any of our cattle "blow snot" on us they will be heading towards a cooler climate.  When we work our cattle we  take the approach that we are playing chess with them.  We move to one spot to make them want to move to another.  Things are kept nice and quiet that way and the whole process runs smooth.
Our program is focused on harnessing the genetic influence of the Red Angus sire Beckton Julian GG B571.  The cattle we have of his descent fit tremendously well with our goals.  We are closebreeding to B571 to not only preserve his genetic attributes but perpetuate his value while accentuating it when the opportunities arise.
Please feel free to contact us.  Call, write or e-mail.  We would enjoy the opportunity to learn more about your program.  We would feel honored if our genepool could help you get yours where you want it to go, or keep yours where you want it to be.
Dwight & Liz Elmore
Dwight & Liz Elmore
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