About us: We are a group of Middlebury College students working on a modern media and healthcare project to promote awareness of STD/STIs as well as the resources available for sexually active students at Parton Health Center.

Mission Statement: We want to promote safe sex practices among sexually active Middlebury College students. Doing so involves conveying the following:

1) Not all sexually active students on campus get tested at Parton Health Center, where testing is FREE.

2) Condom use is the most safe and also cost-effective method that will protect against STD/STIs.

3) There are many misconceptions about sex practices, STDs/STIs, and STD/STI prevention. The spread of incorrect information can be just as dangerous as the spread of infection itself.

Please take the time to peruse this website and gain awareness about STD/STIs and protection against it.

And always remember...

Nah, just kidding. Sex has the potential to be amazing. Just do it safely and, of course, with consent.

Our aim is to provide useful and relevant information for Middlebury College students about safe sex practices, but we do not claim to know everything.

On your way to get those free condoms and testing at Parton Health Center, ask for more information on STDs and safe sex practices.

This is the kind of information that is safe to pass along.

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