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—Linda M. Au
The Other Side of the Desk

—Roberta Brosius
Wit, Word, and The Word

Angie Kay Dilmore
Adventures of a Yankee in Cajun Country

Sue Fairchild
The Rural Spoon and Dish

—Ellen Cohen & Ethel Herr
From the Rim of the Box

—Bonnie Rose Hudson
Exploring with Jake

Michele Huey
God, Me, and a Cup of Tea

—Nancy James
Squirrel Hill Poetry Workshop

—Susan Lower
Family * Farming * Faith

Amy Weiss Mable

—Jill Maisch
Upstream Journey

—Rick Nowlin
Uncommon Sense Commentary

—Melanie Rigney
Editor for you

—Jan Sady

—Audrey Stallsmith
Inklings of Truth

—Shirley Stevens
Squirrel Hill Poetry Workshop

—Vickie Price Taylor

Roberta Updegraff
Welcome to the Beanery

—Lora Zill
The Blue Collar Artist

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