Appointments & Tutorials


Faculty members will be offering free 15-minute appointments with conferees, as follows:

Cheri Cowell is owner and president of EABooks, created to help authors publish their own e-books, print, and audiobooks, so they can take advantage of this growing market.  She will meet with persons interested in publishing with her company.

Jim Hart is a literary agent with the Hartline Literary Agency, and will listen to book pitches from conferees.  He is looking for authors who can write unique and engaging suspense, romance, women’s fiction, spiritual warfare, young adult, and science fiction novels.  He is also interested in nonfiction regarding church growth, Christian living, and self-help.  Keep in mind that nonfiction topics require a certain level of credentials, experience, and expertise.

Lin Johnson is managing editor of Christian Communicator, Advanced Christian Writer, and Church Libraries.  She will meet with persons who may have articles or pitches appropriate for those publications.


You may sign up to meet with your own private tutor to discuss, analyze, and troubleshoot your work.  The tutor will review your manuscript and meet with you for 30 minutes to discuss it.  These meetings are scheduled during conference week at mutually convenient times. 

Tutorial students agree to pay $35 for each half-hour time slot. They must submit a manuscript or partial manuscript of not more than 1800 words by May 15.  Additional students may be accepted during conference week if schedules permit.

This year’s tutor is:

Nonfiction Books, Articles, Devotionals, and Bible Studies:  Cheri Cowell

Cheri Cowell is an author, speaker, and theologian who brings  God’s word to the sidewalk issues of life.  She is the author of four books, with her Bible study Parables and Word Pictures winning the 2013 Selah Award.  Whether you are working on a book, article, devotion, or Bible study, you can be assured Cheri will help you make your writing shine.

Barbara Crooker tutors a conferee at an earlier conference.