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Linda St.Cyr is a professional freelance writer, artist and poet. She has been published in numerous online publications including Club Mom, Associated Content and outlets of Demand Media. She is currently working on a novel while raising 2 children in the beautiful Pocono Mountains.

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Associated Content Producer Page - a variety of subjects can be found here including Opinion/Editorial articles, How to information and interesting news items.

eHow Articles- freelance content approved by Demand Studios for the eHow website. How to information, How does information and About articles can be found in the pages of articles found here.

Helium Content- A multitude of articles can be found here as well as some poetry and fiction pieces.

Linda St.Cyr's Other Projects and Community Involvements:

Contributing Writer for "A Writer's Life" Newsletter
Contributing Writer for "Unsent Letters"
Volunteer Art Instructor for BCW Recreational Club

Writer Communities:

Accentuate Services- The ultimate place for writer's to be. Other professionals help critique, give feedback and share knowledge about the writing industry with one another.
Web Writers- A Volatile Writer's Compound- Social network specifically designed for writers.

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For freelance writing quotes please contact Linda St.Cyr at the email address: mystresssilver at yahoo dot com. Put in the subject line of the email Writer Quote, include in the body of the email what type of content you are looking for, word count and any other pertinent information.