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We are the local chapter of Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented (MCGT) serving all public, private, charter, virtual and home schools -- Preschool through University -- within the district boundaries of MN ISD 834 in Washington County.

Every student deserves to learn every day.
All students 
deserve the opportunity to experience growth
over the course of the school year.

We invite you to explore, learn more about MCGT, attend a meeting, and connect with St Croix Valley neighbors who support the young gifted learners in our midst, including their parents, educators, and caregivers.

Parent and Educator Resources
Gifted 101 is a great starting point. Our resources page updated monthly, with archives sorted by topic. You'll find articles, links to GT enrichment programming, info about identification, instruction, debunking stereotypes, and more. 

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Do You Have a Gifted Child? 
He might be getting straight A’s, yet wish the school day offered more challenge. She might be composing her
own music. He could be creating new ways to solve an addition problem. She might debate every point better than a lawyer. His artwork may inspire adults. She might design a functional software prototype.

Sometimes test scores signal a child who demonstrates advanced or accelerated abilities, especially if their talent is in a core subject like reading
or math. But test scores are not always available or applied in the best ways. What about a gifted artist, musician or engineer? What about the young inventor, creative thinker or game strategist? 

Some kids demonstrate natural abilities that, for their age, are far beyond the norm. These kids often have unique academic, social and emotional needs. Learn more...

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