White Path Parkway

Great Urban Birding

The White Kinnickinnic Pathway is a linear park located in downtown River Falls. This park runs along the west bank of the Kinnickinnic River and Lake George, from the Winter Street Bridge to Maple Street. Street pedestrian access and parking can be found at either Winter or Maple Street. The park offers a lakeside lookout deck, paved trails, lighting and natural landscaping of mostly trees with some grassy areas. It is a pleasant urban stroll which hosts a surprising variety of woodland warblers & vireos during migration. Baltimore Orioles are abundant, and their nests can be found in the trees overhanging the lake. The lake itself is popular with waterfowl, Great Blue Herons, Green Herons and Belted Kingfishers. Overhead Chimney Swifts and various swallow species are numerous. (A short 2 block walk along Winter Street, links this park to Glen Park and the Lower Dam trails).