Carpenter Nature Center

Minnesota Campus

Multiple Habitats & Visitor Center

Carpenter Nature Center's Minnesota Campus is located along the bluffs of the Wild & Scenic St. Croix River. The site includes 425 acres of tall grass prairie, oak savannah, flood plain, riparian habitat, river's edge, pine plantation, wetland and woodland. Four miles of paved trails and 11 miles of mulched/mowed trails make the various habitats easily accessible. Specialties include nesting Bald Eagles, Summer Tanagers and Barred Owls. The bluffs make it a perfect spot to watch fall raptor migration and the site is utilized by migrating Saw-whet Owls. A large feeding station maintained year-round often yields good looks at irruptive winter species such as Red-breasted Nuthatches, Purple Finches and Pine Siskins. The Nature Center has documented 198 bird species on the Minnesota Campus.

Wisconsin Campus

Eastern Meadowlarks Abound

Carpenter Nature Center's Wisconsin Campus encompasses 300 acres of prairie, oak savanna, pine plantation and mixed forest. The area boasts ten miles of trails providing easy opportunities to explore the various habitats. Breeding bird species include American Kestrels, Eastern Meadowlarks and Clay-colored Sparrows. Migratory stop-over visitors include Northern Harriers and a variety of wood warblers. Winter residents like Northern Shrikes are frequently seen. Facilities include a port-a-potty, maintenance sheds and parking on site at 300 East Cove Rd.