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RISING CURRENTS: Projects for New York’s Waterfront in the Advent of Rising Sea Level

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 5:00 p.m. at The Gates Auditorium- College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine

Plants of Acadia NationalPark- Produced by The Maine Natural History Observatory, and funded by the Garden Club of Mount Desert, Friends of Acadia and Julie and Ted Leisensring, and published by the University of Maine Press in July 2010
The Plants of Acadia National Park by Glen Mittelhauser, Linda Gregory, Sally Rooney, and Jill Weber (with additional photographs by Marilee Lovit and Donna Kausen). It is the most comprehensive photographic reference ever published for the wild plants of the Acadia National Park region, including the national park lands on the Schoodic Peninsula, Mount Desert Island, and Isle au Haut. Flowers, trees, shrubs, ferns, and even the grass-like plants of the region are included. The Plants of Acadia National Park is designed to bridge the gap between simple wildflower guides and technical floras; its aim is to be equally valuable to novice and experienced botanists. Even children might start by using the book to identify a common, showy plant, and progress to plant identifications that require an understanding of more subtle features. Sized to fit in a backpack and with a durable stitched binding, this guide is an essential reference for all, from amateur wildflower lovers and conservation volunteers to professional botanists and ecologists.

The Garden Club of Mt. Desert supports the following organizations:

  Beatrix Farrand Society
·  Charlotte Rhoades Butterfly Garden
·  Coastal Maine Botanical Garden
·  Civic Planting
·  Friends of Acadia
·  G.C.A. Interchange Fellowship
·  Libraries of Mount Desert
·  Maine Coast Heritage Trust
·  Maine Nature Conservancy
·  Maine Seacoast Mission
·  Mount Desert Land and Garden Preserve
·  Natural Resources Council of Maine
·  New England Wildflower Society
·  Student Conservation Society
·  Thompson Island Visitors Center
·  Turrets Sea Side Garden at College of the Atlantic
·  Wild Gardens of Acadia