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Call for Entries

Regional TechComm Competition

The search for the most compelling TechComm examples continues.
Did you or your company produce great instruction, information, user support, or promotional content for the web, multiple platforms and mobile devices?   Was the content substantially revised within 24 months prior to September 1 of the current year? Help us recognize the best among us.

The STC Regional TechComm Competition (New York, Philadelphia and Houston) is now open for entries.
Deadline for submission for all entries (online and print) is on Tuesday, 6:00 pm EST (UTC-5) October 27, 2015.

Why should you enter?
In the words of past awardees...

  • Winners receive awards and tangible recognition of achievement
  • All entrants receive detailed evaluations from the judges; this objective peer evaluation supports continuous improvement
  • Awardees validate their methods and earn visibility 

Who can enter?

The competition is open to anyone (student or professional) who produces technical communication, training, or content for the web and other devices. Membership in the Society for Technical Communication (STC) is not a requirement and you don't have to belong to the STC New York, Philadelphia or Houston chapters. You may enter work as a team, an individual or on behalf of a colleague. 

What can be entered?

Enter your best work in the following categories:

  • Instructional Materials train users on skills and knowledge using solutions like eLearning, mobile learning, workbooks, wikis, social media, facilitator guides, instructional animations, videos, student guides, tutorials and webinars.
  • User Support Materials provide information for the user in performing specific tasks for independent use including performance support, online help, mobile help, job aids, quick start or reference guides, reference documents, user guides and websites.
  • Promotional Materials market or promote a product, company, individual, or event that aim to persuade the audience to some action, using integrated figures and text. Examples may include websites, brochures, catalogs, fliers, and posters.
  • Informational Materials inform the user without a specific call to action. Examples may include annual reports, articles, books, error messages, magazines, newsletters, periodicals, posters, research papers and websites.
Entries are subject to the rules that are defined in the STC Regional Competition General Information and Rules (To download, click the arrow,arrow corresponding to the Regional Competition Guidelines pdf file at the bottom of this page.)  Entries must:
  • Contain sufficient technical, scientific, medical, or similar content to qualify as technical communication
  • Have been produced or substantially revised within the past two years
  • Have been originally prepared for and accepted for publication by a client, employer, or publisher. 

Competition at the Local/Regional level only    NEW ! 

For 2015-16, the STC Competitions will occur at the Local and Regional level only.  The STC International Competition is restructuring the Awards program for next year.

Regional competition entries can earn the following awards in descending order:
  • Best of Show - One Best of Show award can be given by the judges every year.
  • Distinguished Technical Communication - Clearly superior in all areas. The entry contains no major flaws and few, if any, minor flaws. It applies the principles of technical communication in an outstanding way, particularly in the way that it anticipates and fulfills the needs of its audience.
  • Excellence - Consistently meets high standards in all areas. The entry might contain a single major flaw or a few minor flaws. The entry clearly (if slightly imperfectly) demonstrates an exceptional understanding of technical communication principles.
  • Merit - Consistently meets high standards in most areas. The entry might contain a small number of major or minor flaws, but it still applies technical communication principles in a highly proficient manner.

Go Electronic!

STC strongly encourages all entrants to submit the online version of their content or send URLs because:

• Uploading online entries is faster and cheaper for entrants
• There is less risk of damage to entries if sent online
• Distribution of entries to Judges can be done quicker and at lower costs

There is a shipping charge for all physical entries (i.e., books, DVDs, publications, manuals and brochures). Whenever possible, upload the content of your entries or send us the URL to the online version of your content. You will receive Instructions on uploading entries via GoogleDrive or FTP.

When is the deadline for entry submission?
All entries should arrive by the Deadline: 6:00 pm EDT on Wednesday, October 27, 2014.

How do I submit an entry?

  1. Fill out this Online Entry Form (one for each entry).  If you are submitting electronically, you do not need to send printed versions of the entry form. If you are sending physical entries, prepare 4 copies of each entry.
  2.   Pay the Entry fee before packing or sending your entry. You can pay online or by check.
      NEW ! Entry fees have been increased this year to enable us to cover all competition and awards-related costs and charge comparable rates with other Chapters. 

    • Pay for Electronic entries using a credit card or a PayPal account: Click the appropriate link below:
    • Pay for Physical entries and a shipping charge of $10.00 per entry (For 2 or more entries, pay additional shipping through  last link.)
  • Pay by Check: make the check payable to "Society for Technical Communication New York Metro" and send it to:
Mark Yoss, STC New York Metro Treasurer
c/o Career Management Associates, 445 Park Ave., New York, NY 10022
email: Mark Yoss, treasurer@stcnymetro.net

    3. Submit the entries with entry forms by 6:00 pm on October 27, 2015.

  • You have 2 options for submission:
    • If your entries are available in electronic format, (i.e., PDF files, online help, eLearning / mobile learning, interactive videos, CDs and DVDs), zip and upload your entries.
  • Send an email to Kamala Raghunath, Online Entries co-Manager who will send GoogleDrive or FTP instructions to you.
  • For each entry, you must fill out the online entry form.
    • If you have physical entries, (i.e., hardcopy,  CD/DVDs, manuals, books, publications, posters or brochures and you are unable to upload your entries), mail the entries to Malu Schloss (Physical Entries co-manager) to the address below.

      1. Complete an online entry form and print 4 copies of the completed entry form.
      2. Submit 4 copies of the completed form and 4 copies of each entry, (print copies, CDs or DVDs). DO NOT combine multiple entries into one DVD.
      3. Send your physical entries to the following address. Be sure that your entries will arrive at by 6:00 pm on Tuesday, October 27, 2015.

      Malu Schloss
      808 Broadway, Suite 601
      New York, NY 10003-4842
      (To contact Malu Schloss, email: Malu Schloss, competition@stcnymetro.net , phone: 917.312.1567)   

Volunteer to be a Competition Judge

Our trained judges are the backbone of the competition. If you are interested in volunteering to judge, read more on the Call for Judges page and volunteer.

Sponsorship opportunities

We welcome sponsors for this regional competition!   Sponsorship opportunities include: the TechComm Roadshow, Events, Shipping, Advertising for Awards Night.
Contact Chapter Presidents:  Jessie Mallory (PMC),  Zach Bohannan (Houston) and Julie Waxgiser (New York), 646-822-6267 and Malu Schloss , 917-312-1567,

Malu Schloss,
Oct 9, 2015, 11:13 AM